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Housekeeping can feel like a constant struggle, and it seems like some people just have a knack for maintaining a spotless living space. But have you ever wondered what their secret is? Here are 12 secret habits of people with super clean homes.

Wash the Dishes Before Bed

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Don’t simply leave dirty dishes lingering on the kitchen counter. Take a moment to either hand wash them or load them into the dishwasher. For those lucky enough to have a dishwasher, a useful tip is to run it at night and empty it in the morning. This practice ensures there’s ample room for additional dishes during the day.

Make The Bed Everyday

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An unmade bed can easily make a room look untidy. The simple act of making your bed every day can help you feel like you’re taking meaningful steps toward maintaining a clean home.

Get the Entire Family Involved

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It can truly transform the state of your home when everyone, even those who contribute to the mess, actively participates in the cleaning routine, and yes, this includes the kids. Farah, from Because Mom Says, advocates for a family-wide commitment to tidying up. “Everyone spends half an hour before bed tidying up. Kids all have “an area” to tidy. One takes out the trash, and the other has to put away the shoes”. It’s a simple yet effective way to instill a sense of responsibility in the household – and keep it consistently clean.

Karen, from Seasonal Cravings, emphasizes the importance of assigning each family member a designated area for their belongings. She says, “Each time a person in the family goes up the stairs, they take their clutter to their room.”

Clean at Night

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Zanetta, a professional cleaner and the owner of Southern Profit Cleaning shares her personal routine: “I tackle all my cleaning tasks at night, from washing dishes to tidying up the bathrooms after everyone in the family has finished showering. This way, when I wake up, I step into a clean and tranquil home, and my only morning chore is making the bed”.

Amy from Amy Baby shares her approach: “While many believe in the magic of tidying up, my secret habit is the
nightly 10-minute whirlwind clean up right after the kids are in bed. It’s surprising how a quick sweep, a few toy pick-ups, and setting things in their designated places can transform the living area. These simple routines ensure my home feels organized, even in the beautiful chaos of parenthood”.

Keep Counters and Surfaces Clear

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Whether it’s the kitchen counter or bathroom counter, keeping these surfaces free of random items that don’t belong is ideal for a clean space. Wipe down the kitchen counter and remove all crumbs. Tuck away the toothpaste and return toiletries to their designated spots to maintain a clutter-free and orderly environment.

Dedicated Days for Dedicated Areas

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Never wait until your entire home is a mess; instead, focus on specific areas to clean on specific days. For example, Chhavi Agarwal, a finance writer at Mrs. Daaku Studio, has a simple cleaning routine. She designates specific days to clean different areas of her home. “On Mondays, it’s the wardrobes; on Tuesdays, it’s windows and doors, and so on. With three people at home, each person does light cleaning approximately two days a week”.

With three people in her household taking turns at cleaning duties, this system has proven effective, eliminating the need for one person to tidy up daily.

Do a Load Of Laundry Regularly

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Establishing a steady laundry routine is a key element in maintaining a clean home. Brittany Ann, a work-from-home mom of three and the owner of Equipping Godly Women shares her practical approach. “I love throwing in a load of laundry every night or every other night when I put the kids to bed. I also make sure to switch it over to dry before I head to bed myself. The following day, the kids take care of folding and putting away their own laundry. This method not only saves me time but also ensures we always have a steady supply of clean clothes, and I rarely end up with overwhelming laundry piles because each load is so manageable.”

Take the Trash Out Daily

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Remember to take out the trash daily. It’s as simple as that.

No Shoe Policy

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Making it a habit to clean and remove your shoes upon entering your home, and kindly requesting guests to do the same, serves a dual purpose. It not only minimizes the amount of dirt brought inside but also reduces exposure to the various substances you might unknowingly step on outdoors. A cozy, welcoming home begins with clean floors, and ensuring that dirty shoes don’t tread across them helps cut down on extra maintenance.

Clean While Cooking

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Opt for a proactive approach by cleaning up while you cook, even if it’s just a quick rinse of cutting boards and saucepans. This helps to keep the mess to a minimum.

Handle Mail As They Come

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When you receive your mail, take a moment to sort and organize it right away. It’s crucial to establish a system that suits your family’s needs. Dispose of flyers or any unnecessary mail as soon as you enter the door, and promptly open and file away bills that require attention.

Hire a Professional Cleaner

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If you lead a busy life, having a professional cleaner can truly be a game-changer. Robyn, the voice behind A Dime Saved, attests to this, stating, ‘Having a reliable cleaner has been an absolute lifesaver.’ A professional cleaner can play a significant role in ensuring your home remains consistently clean and well-maintained.

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