Having a rental lease doesn’t mean you can’t give your kitchen some personal touches. It just means there are some rules to follow.

While your landlord may not allow major changes like replacing the floors or cabinets, there are small, renter-friendly kitchen upgrades that can still make a difference.

So, let’s freshen up your kitchen with these simple and budget-friendly DIY ideas for renters. No need to stick with a dull and outdated kitchen.

You can make these changes without risking your security deposit. Just remember to put everything back the way it was when you’re ready to move out.

Replace Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

off white kitchen cabinet color
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Think about the number of times you close your kitchen cabinets daily. Now, couple that with how many times the tenant touched it before you, dating back to the 90s – maybe even the 80s. The likely answer is a lot. Well, it may be time to spruce up those worn cabinets by changing out the cabinet hardware for new shiny knobs or handles.

You can update the color to this oil-rubbed bronze knob finish or this modern gold handle. The color finishes you choose will give your kitchen an instant update. No money? No Problem. Just spray-paint the existing handle for a fresh, new look.

Incorporate Open Shelving

open shelves in kitchen with greenery
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Open shelving is a modern yet trendy kitchen staple that is popular in homes right now. You can purchase ready-to-install floating kitchen shelves like these or DIY your own to give your space even more storage. Floating shelves will help to modernize your home.

Remove Cabinet Doors

cabinet doors removed
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Okay, you want a more dramatic change to your kitchen cabinets but can’t paint or replace them. Try removing the cabinet doors to create the illusion of open shelving.

Since open shelving is trendy, you can temporarily get this look with a screwdriver to remove the hinges. This will open up your kitchen, making it feel bigger.

Display your cute dishware, glassware, and appliances, and make the open shelves the kitchen’s focal point.

Upgrade the Kitchen Faucet

kitchen faucet
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It is unlikely that the kitchen faucet you have in your space is from this century. If it’s functioning, it’s the last thing the landlord will change.

However, a stunning kitchen sink faucet can add beauty and sophistication to a kitchen – especially a pull-down faucet. Opt for a unique color like gold or matte black for a big impact. You can also install it yourself with this easy DIY kitchen faucet installation guide.

Fake the Backsplash

backsplash with black grout
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It’s time to fake it till you make it. Peel and stick removable kitchen backsplash is a fantastic option while renting. This fake backsplash will make your rental kitchen look like luxury.

It will give your kitchen lots of character and elevate the kitchen’s beauty. You can have fun with it now and remove it without damaging the wall. So go with a funky style, or keep it timeless and simple with these subway tiles.

Incorporate Removable Wallpaper

wallpaper in kitchen
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Removable wallpaper is an excellent alternative to painting the kitchen. Removable wallpaper is a less intrusive, temporary solution. You can stick wallpaper to a door, an accent wall, or inside or outside the cabinets.

Rescue the Floors with Floor Stickers

Floor Stickers
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Just like wallpaper, peel-and-stick floor stickers are temporary and can be easily removed. Floor tiles will make your rental kitchen look like you just finished a complete gut renovation.

Floor tiles are excellent for covering up old tiles. And don’t worry, they are very durable and easy to clean. Choose from a wide array of peel-and-stick floor tiles ranging from geometric and contemporary styles to a black and white design.

Attractive Small Appliances

coffee pot and grinder
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So you can’t replace the major appliances in the kitchen, but you can add cute ones. Mix in new appliances such as this fancy new sage green coffee maker, stainless steel toaster, retro microwave, or this funky color air fryer.

Dreamy Artwork

wall decor in kitchen
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Decorate your kitchen with unique artwork. Hang the artwork on a bare wall or a shelf. The artwork will add visual interest to your kitchen.

Add a Kitchen Island

kitchen island
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Need somewhere to store and display your cute appliances? Opt for a useful utility kitchen cart to house your appliances or store other kitchen essentials. They are great for adding extra kitchen storage space and counter space.

Create a Coffee Bar Station

coffee station
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coffee station is a cool and fun idea that is great for the coffee lover in you. You can take a cute little nook in the kitchen or that extra space on the laminate countertop.

Stock it with your favorite coffee maker and other coffee necessities such as ground coffee, a grinder, a mug, creamer, and a sweetener.

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Declutter and Reorganize

drawer in kitchen
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Our kitchen cabinets and pantry are the ultimate storage spaces for dry food, dishes, pots, cookware, and other accessories. We often don’t realize how much stuff we pack into our cabinets that we don’t need or no longer use. Reorganizing our space can save us a ton of money and time when preparing meals, planning, cooking, and grocery shopping.

Take some time to declutter your space. Grab a garbage bag or donation box, and get rid of everything you no longer need or expired items. Categorize items in a way that makes sense for your household. Use lots of bins, baskets, and storage containers to organize your stuff, and consider labeling and decanting for easy access.

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