7 Best Small Apartment Decorating Ideas on a Budget

studio apartment


Creating a nice comfortable home where you can relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor can be daunting, especially in a smaller space. But with the right use of material, colors, and proportions of the rooms, it’s possible to create the perfect space. When curating the space, it is important to know which elements work well together and which will have the greatest effect on your space. Although you cannot expand the apartment’s footprint, try not to let the square footage discourage you. With a little planning and the right home decor, you can maximize every square inch of the apartment. Whether it is your first apartment or studio apartment, here are some decor ideas on a tight budget.

1. Start with a Budget in Mind

You must start with a budget that you are comfortable with. Once you create a budget, it is a good idea to stick to it. You don’t need much money to create your own place, and it can be done in affordable ways. Your budget is personal, and whether it is $500 to $5000, a small budget can go a long way. You also don’t have to buy everything at once and still create a space that has a new place feel.

2. Think about your Must-Haves

Consider all the things you need to be comfortable in your living space along with your personal style. What are some of your must-haves? From specific furniture pieces such as a bar cart (for at home bar or coffee maker station) or dining table, you should allocate your budget towards those first. An easy way to figure out your must-haves is by creating a list of items that are not only functional but are needed daily, like a large mirror. Using a large mirror can also make your space seem and feel bigger.

3. Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

Did I mention accessories? With limited space, accessorizing can be a simple way to spruce up your space. There’s no need for fancy shades, just add a cute sheer curtain and allow natural light to beam in. Hang the curtains high and closer to the ceiling to instantly make the room look bigger. Other accessories such as a nice rug, throw pillows, chic mirror, and wall art is a good design trick to round out a space. Try to use lighter colors when decorating to help reflect the natural light.

4. Consider a Statement Wall

Statement walls are excellent options for the living room, dining room (if you have one), or other small room. This is also a way a really funky way to let your inner interior design nerd come out. You can either add a pop of color with a fresh coat of paint or cover the wall with wall decals.

5. Shop at the Dollar Store

In a small apartment, storage space and floor space can be limited, so it is important to use your vertical space and create storage areas in the entire apartment. The dollar store has many storage ideas from bins and baskets that come in all shapes and sizes. You can use them to aesthetically organize your food pantry, bathroom products, and other supplies in a small space apartment. In addition, you can also find lots of decorative pieces, including decorative mirrors, picture frames, and small kitchen items. Photo frames offer the perfect way to display your memories and favorite photos.

6. Explore the Thrift Shop or Flea Market

Thrift stores and flea markets are hidden gems when it comes to buying pieces of furniture. A great place to start would be Goodwill or the Salvation Army because they offer a good deal for second-hand furnishings, including dressers, on a limited budget. You may even get lucky and find something brand new such as a round coffee table or side table that was donated. Give it a try! You will be surprised by the treasures you can find that will make your room look good at a great price. You can even DIY an old dresser or old furniture by sanding, staining or painting it to make it look like a brand new piece of furniture.

7. Use up the Apartment’s entire Real Estate

With a small space, it is important to give all areas of the home a little love. Don’t be afraid to use up every nook and cranny of available real estate in the home or apartment. Because it is a small space, you likely won’t have a dedicated dining area, but you can add a small table in a specific room of your home that can double as a small office desk or dining room table at no extra cost. This is a great way to make a room feel like a larger space without having a large piece of furniture and a good option for when you have guests. Maybe even consider floor seating by adding extra pillows on the ground to create a cozy lounging space and tuck them away when not in use.

studio apartment

Now that you have some decorating ideas to curate your small space on a budget make sure that you take every opportunity to make the space work for you. Consider clever ways to use light colors or dark colors. Mix in some used items and dollar store products. Whatever you choose, make sure to make the small space look and feel like home.

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