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Best Online Thrift Stores for Furniture and Home Decor

Thrift stores provide diverse options for furniture styles spanning various eras, from vintage dressers to mid-century modern sofas.

Are you searching for furniture and home decor that won’t leave a dent in your wallet?



Aldi, a German chain, has some of the lowest prices on food in the US and has been named the cheapest grocery store


facebook marketplace

Offer Up is a fantastic app for finding second-hand furniture and home decorations. You can narrow your search of items based on your location and how far you will drive to pick up the item.  



Etsy is a popular destination for purchasing pre-owned home decor and furniture. You can find all sorts of pieces ranging from media cabinets and chandeliers to unique one-off pieces.


goodwill finds

This Northeastern chain, mainly in New England, offers a wide selection of reasonably priced food.  It stands out with a great variety and lower prices than other grocery chains.



Popular among New Yorkers and growing in popularity throughout the country, this online thrift store offers a range of secondhand and vintage furniture pieces such as sofas, kitchen tables, chairs, and more.



On their app, you can upload a photo of your space to view how your potential purchases fit into the existing decor, giving you the freedom to decide confidently.

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