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8 Best Places to Sell Used Furniture

Selling used furniture online is a great way to profit from your old stuff while also reducing your waste contribution to the earth and the harmful environmental impacts.

Whether you're on a journey to declutter your home or simply looking for a side hustle, here are the best places to sell used used furniture.

Chairish is the perfect platform for selling high-end or vintage furniture. They make it easy to list your item and will even touch up your photos to appeal to their audiences better. 


You can sell all kinds of used and vintage furniture on their website.  Once your item is sold, they will organize the delivery, do a quick inspection of the item, and then deliver it to your customer. 


Facebook Marketplace has millions of active users waiting to buy your next item. You will simply need to list your furniture with photos, detailed descriptions, and pricing. 

Facebook Marketplace

Nextdoor is an excellent resource where you can sell used furniture fast. To use the NextDoor app, you must prove that you are a member of the neighborhood by providing your local address.


This online store allows sellers with high-quality, beautiful midcentury modern-like pieces to sell their unique piece all over the world.


OfferUp makes it easy to buy and sell furniture on its platform. All you have to do is download the app, and the popular platform will let you instantly list your secondhand furniture.


eBay is still recognized as a leader in the online marketplace for auction-style selling. With Ebay, You can easily list antique furniture and patiently wait for your next buyer.


Kaiyo makes selling  furniture on their platform easy. Their distinct focus lies in creating an online marketplace that makes high-quality pre-owned furniture available at affordable prices.


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