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Best Ways to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes during the summer can be the bain of our existence. Mosquitoes can make sitting outside and enjoying an outdoor space an absolute nightmare. 

It’s time to take back the spaces that are rightfully ours for a mosquito-free summer. Here are a few ways you can do so.

It has a very distinct lemon-like smell that leaves behind a wonderful fragrance. This fragrance and scent create a shield that keeps the mosquitoes at bay when burned.

Use Citronella Candles

Used coffee grounds work well as a natural mosquito repellent when burned. The smoke produced by burning coffee grounds can help keep mosquitoes away. Just ensure you burn the coffee grounds in a fire-safe container like a fire pit

Burn Coffee Grounds

Plants like Peppermint and Bee Balm work well. These plants either have an overwhelming fragrance that mosquitoes despise or contain chemicals that are irritating to mosquitoes. 

Mosquito-Repelling plant

Create a cool breeze that makes it hard for mosquitoes to fly around. 

Use an Outdoor Fan

You can cover your outdoor area with a mosquito screen or net, including the patio, porch, or gazebo. This is a physical barrier preventing mosquitoes from entering your space. 

Mosquito Net

Mosquito dunks can prevent mosquitoes from plaguing your outdoor space. All you have to do is place mosquito dunks in any standing water where the mosquitoes are likely to breed

Mosquito Dunks

These coils are great at repelling mosquitoes. The mosquito-repelling coils will burn for hours, repelling those annoying pests. 

Mosquito Repelling Coil

Consider a standup tiki torch or a tabletop tiki torch to help repel mosquitoes. Try to keep this one away from the kids.

Tiki Torch

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