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Can You Put Egg Shells Down the Garbage Disposal?

While a garbage disposal is known for breaking down food waste and grinding food scraps quickly and easily, it is not a trash can and a place to get rid of all foods. 

One type of food that should never be placed down the garbage disposal is Egg Shells.  Here's Why.

Egg Shells can wreak havoc on your garbage disposal..

The thin membrane lining the inside of the eggshell will stick around the blades and shredder ring of the garbage disposal, causing malfunction to the device.

If the egg membrane remains in the sink for an extended time, it start to have strong smells and foul odors.

Egg Shells in your garbage disposal can result in a very expensive plumbing bill. 

Best Thing to do is avoid placing it in the garbage disposal. You can place it in the trash or compost it. 

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