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Ceramic Floor Tiles  - Pros and Cons

Porcelain tiles have both practical and aesthetic advantages, making them an excellent choice for homeowners with modernized or traditional  kitchens. Here are a few pros and cons .

Pros of Porcelain Floor Tiles

Durability  Porcelain tile is known to be extremely durable.  it highly resistant to chips, cracks, and scratches, ensuring longevity. This type of floor can last for decades

Water and Moisture Resistance It is highly resistant to moisture and water. This tile does not absorb water, making it an excellent choice for areas prone to spills and humidity like the kitchen

Appearance - Porcelain looks rich, high-end, and a bit smoother in person than ceramic. Porcelain tile flooring comes in many designs, patterns, and colors. This material can mimic natural stone, wood, and brick.

Cons of Porcelain Floor Tiles

Higher Upfront Cost - Compared to other types of flooring, like luxury vinyl plank and ceramic tiles, porcelain tile tends to be a bit more expensive. This is primarily due to the way it’s manufactured, its weight, and its durability.

Cold and Hard Surface Porcelain can feel cool and slightly hard underfoot. The feel of porcelain tiles can be less comfortable compared to other types of flooring, such as carpet or hardwood, which may offer a softer and warmer surface.

Not as Widely Available Unlike ceramic tile, it is not always possible to find a wide selection of porcelain ,in most stores and when you do, you might be limited in the design options to choose from. 

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