Cleaning Vinyl Plank Flooring 

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Vinyl plank flooring is a top choice for many homeowners. It’s stylish, easy to maintain, and extremely durable.  However, like most flooring types, it still needs to be properly cleaned and regularly maintained to keep looking fresh and new.

Fortunately cleaning vinyl plank flooring is pretty easy to clean - with the right techniques and products. Let's get into how to properly clean vinyl plank flooring

Here's what you'll Need

– Broom or vacuum cleaner  – Microfiber mop  – Bucket – liquid dish detergent *O-Cedar Easy Wring Microfiber Mob & Bucket is highly recommended.


Sweep or Vacuum Debris from the Floor

Thoroughly remove loose dirt and debris. This step will help make the cleaning process more effective.


Fill the Bucket with Water, Dish Soap & Vinegar

Fill a bucket with hot water, two pumps dish soap and vinegar.


Start Mopping

 Dip the microfiber mop in the bucket of cleaning solution and begin mopping the floor. Mop in small sections, rinsing your mop regularly.


Get the Scuff off

For stubborn messes and built-up grime on the vinyl planks, apply one of the following to the area: - Hardware lubricant or jojoba oil - Isopropyl alcohol  - Hydrogen peroxide - Baking Soda

CAUTION Use caution not to over-saturate the mop and wring out your mop thoroughly so not to leave excess water on the floor, leading to warping or other damage. Water can also seep through gaps between the planks and damage the subfloor below.


Allow Floor to Dry

Allow your floors to fully dry. To help expedite the drying process, turn on a ceiling fan i or open up the door to allow air to circulate.

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