DIY Wire Shelf Covers | Easy Foam Board Hack

The Thrifty Apartment

I think it’s fair to say that wire shelves in our closets are just not very attractive. These types of shelves can look a bit drab and industrial

Well, I’ve got the perfect hack to upgrade those ugly wire shelves – without using power tools.

What You'll Need

– Foam Board  – Packing Tape – Box Cutter  – Contact Paper – Measuring Tape – Pencil


Measure your shelves

Measure the length, width and edge (the lip) of the wire shelves with a measuring tape.


Outline & Cut the Foam Board

Once you have the measurements for the shelves, it is time to outline the foam board, then cut the outlines.


Cover Foam Board with Contact Paper

Lay the Contact paper over the foam board. Leave atleast 2-3 inches extra of contact paper on each side to wrap around the contact board.


Insert the foam shelves in closet

Final step is to put your foam board in closet. Then you can organize and decorate however you like. 

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