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How to Build Your Own Fire Pit

A fire pit can be a nice focal point in a backyard, creating a cozy atmosphere and a gathering space. 

Here's how you can easily create one in your backyard. 

Here's what you'll need to create one: Fire Pit Ring, Retaining Wall Blocks, Paver Leveling Sand, Drainage Rock, Masonry Adhesive, Caulking Gun, Shovel, Metal Rake, Glove, Tamper and a Rubber Mallet.

Step 1: Outline the fire pit size in your backyard.

Step 2: Dig the firepit hole with the outline

Step 3: Pour the sand to create a stable base for the fire pit.

Step 4: Add the drainage rock

Step 5:  Lay the first round of block

Step 6: Add masonry adhesive to the block and continue layering blocks.

Read the full article for more details and materials used.