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How to Care for  Cast Iron

Cast iron grill pans are super durable and efficient at cooking the best meals. It is the workhorse of a kitchen. 

Let me show you how to best care for them.

Clean It After Use Wash with soap and water, and dry with a towel. Make sure to get rid of any moisture.

Do not use a dishwasher. Cast iron grills are not technically dishwasher safe. A Dishwasher will break down the seasoning and soak it for a long time.

Season it-  apply a very thin layer of your preferred cooking oil. Use a piece of paper towel and apply it all over the pan. Place the pan in the hot oven for an hour at 400 degrees.

Seasoning the cast iron skillet helps to form a natural nonstick surface coating that prevents it from rusting again. The seasoning likely eroded with the cleaning of the cast iron grill pan.

Store in a dry place – Keeping the cast iron dry will prevent rusting.

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