How to Clean Garbage Disposal With Ice 

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Is your kitchen sink emitting unpleasant, pungent smells due to a smelly garbage disposal? Not to worry. It's quite common. Let me show you how to fix it using ice and baking soda.

Hot water can help to dissolve any stuck-on food particles and create circulation to break down odors.

Step 1 Run Hot Water

Take a bowl of ice cubes and pour it down the drain. The ice will help to break down any odorous particles and trapped debris, as well as loosen up food.

Step 2 Add Ice Cubes

Sprinkle baking soda down the drain while the garbage disposal is running. Let it run for 15-20 seconds; the baking soda will help absorb any smells and deodorize it.

Step 3 Baking Soda

Your garbage disposal should be cleaned at least once a week. This will preserve its life and help it perform its best. 

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