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Make a Bed Using Triple Sheeting Method

The Thrifty Apartment

The triple sheeting method is widely used in hotels and BnBs for bed-making but can be used in everyday homes.

The technique involves carefully changing and maintaining bedding in three layers – the fitted sheet, a flat sheet, followed by a blanket, and another flat sheet. The method is extremely efficient, and economical.

Let me show you how.

What you need for Triple Sheeting

– 1 Fitted sheet – 2 Flat sheets  – Comforter or Duvet Insert – Supporting Pillows

Apply Fitted Sheet


Start by placing the fitted sheet onto the mattress. Make sure that it is securely tucked under the bed’s mattress.

Lay the Flat Sheet


Lay the flat sheet along the bed, aligning the top of the flat sheet with the top of the edges of the mattress.

Add Choice of Blanket


Add your choice of a blanket or comforter on top of the flat sheet about six inches just below the top of the mattress and flat sheet.

Lay Additional Flat Sheet


Place the second flat sheet over the blanket, aligning the sheet’s edges with the top of the mattress once again – repeating step 2.

Folding Time


Bring the top of both flat sheets together and fold them down about six inches. Then fold the sheets once again with the blanket contained this time.

Tuck It


Tuck everything neatly under the mattress, pulling it tightly to secure the bedding and stretching out any wrinkles and creases in the sheets.

Finish the Look 


Finish the look by tucking all around the bed. Add your pillowcases and throw pillows for a modern, crisp look.

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