How to

Paint Laminate Furniture

The Thrifty Apartment

Painting your laminate furniture is a great way to revitalize and transform it into a usable and functional piece of furniture. It is also a cost-effective and affordable way to take an old furniture piece and give it a new life.

Let’s get started!

What you need

Oil Based Primer – Paint – Paintbrush & Foam Roller – Screwdriver – Sandpaper –Spray Paint

Prep Furniture


remove all the hardware, drawers, and doors from the furniture piece and clean it up

Sand it


use medium grit sandpaper to sand the surface. The paint will stick better

Prime it


Primer provides a smooth surface for the paint to go on.

Paint It


Once the primer is dry, apply the paint to the laminate furniture using a paint brush or roller.

Add a second Coat


Give it smooth finish

Spray Paint Hardware


Follow the prescribed rising time. Use a timer. Too long and you might have a sour-tasting loaf or a dry bread with abundance of holes!

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