Kitchen Essentials List for a Well Stocked Kitchen

The Thrifty Apartment

Furnishing your kitchen with the right essentials and products can revolutionize how you experience your kitchen and how you cook. Having exactly what you need precisely when you need it will help to complete your kitchen.

So if you are starting from scratch or curating a more robust kitchen, this kitchen essentials list is for you.

Must Have Appliances

- Coffee Maker - Air Fryer - Toaster  - Electric Kettle - Crockpot - Blender


- Pots - Frying Pan  - Saucepan  - Cast Iron Skillet


– Drinking glasses (short and tall) – wine glasses – Coffee mugs – Travel Mug – Water Bottle


– Salad plate – Dinner plate – Bowl – Salad bowl – Fruit Bowl


– Baking Dishes – Baking Pan – Loaf Pan – Cake Pan – Pie Dish Pan – Baking Sheet Pan

Kitchen Storage & Organizer

– Ziplock bags – Canisters & bins – Sealable food containers

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