Linen Closet Organizing Ideas

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If your linen closet is a beautiful mess (like mine) and you are struggling to find what you need among the piles of sheets and bath towels, it may be time to give that linen closet some love. A linen closet makeover can help you create a functional and stylish space that easily keeps your linens organized and accessible..


Invest in Storage Solutions.

Invest in storage solutions that will help you keep everything organized and easily accessible. Add new baskets and bins to maximize vertical space and keep similar items together.


Group Like Items

Try to group items together that are similar in size and use, like towels, hand towels, and extra sheets, for the best organization for linen closet.


Fold Linens Neatly

Fold linens into thirds or quarters and stack them on shelves.


Organize by Color

Organize items by color to create a more cohesive look. 


Decant Items

Use pretty glass jars to store small items like cotton balls, bars of soap, and travel-sized toiletries.

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