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Pros and Cons of Black Grout on White Tiles

The use of black grout is becoming commonplace with kitchen remodels and bathroom renovations. Black grout works well with just about any tile pattern.

Pros of Black Grout

Visually Stunning - Black grout is dramatic, absolutely stunning, and appealing to the eye. It is known for showing off a bold design while emphasizing the tile’s shape and style.

Ability to Conceal Dirt  It’s almost impossible to see dirt on black grout (but that doesn’t mean it’s not dirty). The fact that you can’t really see the dirt through black grout makes it most appealing. Black grout has a way of masking any evidence of dirt. 

It’s Modern and Timeless  While trendy, black grout presents a timeless look. It won’t go out of style and will make any kitchen or bathroom look modern with a classic look.

Cons of Black Grout

Prone to Fading - Unlike white grout and light grout colors, black grout is more prone to fading. Because of fading, the black grout may lose its beautiful color and luster over time. 

Black grout is messy to install - Black grout will show all its imperfections and any mistakes you might make during installation - especially if you don’t get your lines straight.

It doesn’t show dirt. While one of the pros of black grout is that it hides dirt, there’s a misconception that it doesn't actually get dirty. Unfortunately, black grout can easily and equally have dirt, gunk buildup, and mold if not taken care of properly with regular cleaning.

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