Renter Friendly Kitchen  Makeover Ideas

The Thrifty Apartment

Having a rental lease does not mean you are forbidden from adding personality, style, and warmth to your rental kitchen.  It just means you have limitations and restrictions on what you can do with the space.

You can still make some small renter-friendly kitchen upgrades that can greatly impact your space. Let me show you how.


Replace Cabinet hardware

It may be time to spruce up those worn cabinets by changing out the cabinet hardware for new shiny knobs or handles.


Install Open Shelving

Open shelving is a modern yet trendy kitchen staple. You can purchase ready-to-install floating kitchen shelves or DIY your own to give your space even more storage.


Integrate Retro, Colorful and Cute Appliances

So you can’t replace the major appliances in the kitchen, but you can add cute ones.


Hanging Pots and Pans

Hanging your pots and pans is a trendy and hip way to use up your wall space instead of using cabinet space.


Dreamy & Retro Artwork

Decorate your kitchen with unique artwork. Artwork will add visual interest to your kitchen.


Removable Peel-and-stick Backsplash

Peel and stick removable kitchen backsplash is a fantastic option while renting. This fake backsplash will make your rental kitchen look like luxury.

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