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How to Use Coffee Grounds in Houseplants

For coffee lovers, it’s no secret that a considerable amount of used coffee grounds often goes to waste on a weekly, and sometimes even daily, basis. However, what you may not realize is that there are numerous valuable uses for used coffee grounds, including nurturing your houseplants. 

Coffee grounds have nutrients that plants like, so they can improve your soil and act as a natural fertilizer. Here's how you can use coffee grounds to benefit your houseplants.

Compost It

The most reliable method for utilizing coffee grounds in your houseplants is to incorporate them into your compost bin.  Once your compost is ready, blend a small portion of it with potting soil and distribute it among your plants. The nutrients found in coffee grounds will be naturally reintegrated into the soil. 

Liquid Fertilizer

Create a liquid fertilizer from your used coffee grounds. All you have to do is take your freshly brewed coffee grounds and mix it with water. Allow it to seep for a couple hours and then use the mixture to water your house plants.

Add to Plant’s Soil

Incorporate a modest quantity of used coffee grounds into your potting soil. As coffee grounds decompose, they provide a gentle boost to plant growth.

Houseplants that respond positively to  coffee grounds

– Spider Plant – Jade Plant – Pothos and Golden Potho – Snake Plant – Rose – Azalea – Philodendron

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