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White Subway Tile with Gray Grout: Pros and Cons

While the traditional choice of grout has long been white, gray offers a new modern look and perspective to tile designs.

So, if you’re remodeling or updating your kitchen or bathroom and need to decide whether to choose gray grout, here are some pros and cons to consider

Pros of Gray Grout

Subtle Visual Appeal  Gray grout emphasizes the shape and pattern of subway tiles, producing an understated yet impactful visual effect. Pairing gray grout with white tiles will create a soft yet distinct contrast, allowing each tile to stand out.

Design Flexibility  Gray grout works well with just about any tile pattern and color. It complements different tile sizes, shapes, and patterns, making it adaptable to various design styles.

Ability to Conceal Dirt  One of the perks of gray grout is its ability to hide dirt and stains effectively, similar to black grout. Gray grout is more forgiving when hiding dirt and stains than lighter grout options. 

Cons of Gray Grout

Challenging Installation  Installing gray grout can be tricky, especially if you’re attempting a do-it-yourself approach. Precision is crucial, as any mistakes can be hard to rectify and might affect the overall look.

It doesn’t show dirt. There’s a misconception that gray grout doesn't actually get dirty. Unfortunately gray grout can easily build up dirt, gunk and mold if not taken care of properly with regular cleaning.

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