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Best Places to Grocery Shop on a Budget

Here are fantastic places to shop for groceries that will help you save money 

Since groceries make up a significant portion of our budget, finding the best places to shop on a budget is more important than ever.



Aldi, a German chain, has some of the lowest prices on food in the US and has been named the cheapest grocery store



Lidl is another German grocery store. It offers affordable groceries with a wide selection. Has low prices on fresh produce, dairy, and meat and has its quality store brands.


winco foods

This Idaho-based chain offers low prices on food items since it sources its products directly from farmers and  manufacturers.


market basket

This Northeastern chain, mainly in New England, offers a wide selection of reasonably priced food.  It stands out with a great variety and lower prices than other grocery chains.


food for less

Food 4 Less is another affordable grocery store with locations in California, Illinois, and Indiana. It offers a wide range of food items at great prices, perfect for saving money on your grocery bill.



Costco is the go-to place if you need to buy in large quantities due to its excellent deals on bulk purchases. But remember that you may have to pay an annual membership fee to shop at the warehouse club.

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