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Have you ever left a grocery store and wondered how you spent $100 without realizing what you bought? Or have you noticed that the same box of granola costs slightly more in one store than in another? These are typical concerns for consumers nationwide, especially as food prices continue to rise

Since groceries make up a significant portion of our budget, finding the best places to shop on a budget is more important than ever. So, here are 12 fantastic places to shop for groceries that will help you save money, whether you’re shopping for yourself or the family.


The frontage and brand logo of a branch of German discount retailer Aldi
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If you want to save money on groceries, check out this affordable store. Aldi, a German chain, has some of the lowest prices on food in the US and has been named the cheapest grocery store in recent reports.

With over 2000 stores in 36 states, Aldi offers everyday grocery items like fresh produce, meat, and dairy. You can also find household items like toilet paper, dish soap, and laundry detergent. Aldi even has its brand at even cheaper prices.


Lidl supermarket, a German global discount supermarket chain
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Lidl is another German grocery store expanding in the US. It offers affordable groceries with a wide selection. It’s perfect for those looking for a European grocery store experience. Lidl has low prices on fresh produce, dairy, and meat and has its quality store brands.

Don’t forget to check their weekly ad for the latest deals. Plus, their private-label brands come with a Love It Guarantee, allowing you to get a refund or exchange if unsatisfied.

Winco Foods

Grocery store supermarket
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If you want a grocery store that offers the appeal of members-only clubs like Costco but without the expensive fees, visit WinCo Foods. This Idaho-based chain offers low prices on food items since it sources its products directly from farmers and manufacturers.

With over 100 stores in 10 states, WinCo Foods offers a variety of food items, including fresh produce, meat, and dairy products. You’ll also find household essentials like toilet paper, dish soap, and laundry detergent. 

Market Basket 

basket in supermarket
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Market Basket is an excellent choice for affordable groceries. This Northeastern chain, mainly in New England, offers a wide selection of reasonably priced food. Regarding fresh produce, meat, and dairy, Market Basket stands out with a great variety and lower prices than other grocery chains.

They also have a loyalty program that offers discounts on groceries. For a good deal on everyday grocery items, Market Basket is a top option.

Food 4 Less

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Food 4 Less is another affordable grocery store with locations in California, Illinois, and Indiana. It offers a wide range of food items at great prices, perfect for saving money on your grocery bill.

By downloading the Food 4 Less app, you can access exclusive coupons and deals, allowing for even more savings. Whether you bag your groceries or take advantage of their weekly ad discounts, you’ll find all you need at a lower cost.


Costco retail superstore building and sign with people and cars
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While not the cheapest grocery store on our list, Costco is the go-to place if you need to buy in large quantities due to its excellent deals on bulk purchases. But remember that you may have to pay an annual membership fee to shop at the warehouse club.

Costco is also great for bulk deals on fresh produce and meat. Before making a purchase, comparing prices with other stores is wise, as only some things may be a bargain.


checkout register
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If you’re concerned about rising grocery prices, affordable options are still available. One of the cheapest grocery stores in the country is Walmart, which offers a wide selection of food items at low prices.

While known for its affordability in general merchandise, Walmart is also praised for its cheap staple items like ground beef and toilet paper. You can find Walmart stores in every state and region, making it accessible to many shoppers.

Trader Joe’s

Trader's Joe supermarket front
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Check out Trader Joe’s if you want an affordable yet slightly upscale option. This national chain is present in most states. Trader Joe’s offers low prices, and its products are usually cheaper than big brands. You’ll find fresh produce and great deals on meat and other groceries.

Sam’s Club 

The view from a cart of laundry products aisle of a Sams Club grocery store
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Sam’s Club, owned by Walmart, is a warehouse store known for affordable groceries, although Costco is a close competitor. Consumer Reports notes that some items at Sam’s Club are cheaper than at Costco.

For instance, a 24-pack of toilet paper costs $18.99 at Sam’s Club compared to $21.99 at Costco. Sam’s Club generally offers lower prices on fresh produce. However, household items may be slightly more expensive. With a $45 annual membership, Sam’s Club is still an excellent choice for grocery deals.


At the Supermarket: Shot of a Beautiful Young Woman Walks Through Fresh Produce Section, Chooses Broccoli and Puts them in Her Shopping Cart.
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Save-a-Lot is a discount store found in 32 states across America. Like Aldi, they save money by having smaller stores, around 15,000 square feet. This allows for quick shopping and low-priced groceries.

Each store’s inventory varies based on the community it serves, making it a convenient place to find items tailored to your needs.


Amazon prime boxes and envelopes delivered to a front door of residential building
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Did you know you can also get your groceries from Amazon? Many assume ordering groceries online would rack up a higher bill than local supermarket prices. But that’s not always the case. Amazon actually offers a wealth of affordable grocery options, including a variety of items under its own Amazon brand.


a woman is overwhelmed with the wide range in the supermarket when shopping.
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H-E-B is a budget-friendly grocery chain found in Texas and Mexico. It stands out for its lower prices compared to other regional stores. If you’re in Texas and want a great deal on groceries, H-E-B is the place to visit!

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