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How to Remove Rust from a Cast Iron Pan

Cast iron grill pans are super durable and efficient at cooking the best meals. It is the workhorse of a kitchen.  But sometimes it can develop rust.

Let me show you how to easily fix a Rusty Cast Iron Pan. 

What You'll Need Cast iron grill pan  – White vinegar – Steel wool pad or Scouring pad – Baking soda – Liquid dish soap – dishcloth – Cooking oil

Step 1 - Soak the Cast Iron in a Vinegar Solution by plugging your sink or grab a large bucket and fill it with a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and hot water.  Place it in the vinegar solution and let it soak.

Step 2 –Scrub it Once it is done soaking, Add a small amount of dish soap and baking soda. Scrub the cast iron grates with steel wool to fully get rid of the rust.

Step 3- Rinse it Wash off the pan under warm water to remove the remaining residue and cleaning solutions.

Step 4 – Dry it thoroughly with a dish rag or paper towel -  make sure you get rid of all the water and remaining moisture from the pan.

Step 5 – Season it-  apply a very thin layer of your preferred cooking oil. Use a piece of paper towel and apply it all over the pan. Place the pan in the hot oven for an hour at 400 degrees.

Seasoning the cast iron skillet helps to form a natural nonstick surface coating that prevents it from rusting again. The seasoning likely eroded with the cleaning of the cast iron grill pan.

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