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Turn a Vintage Briefcase into a Side Table

The Thrifty Apartment

With its own unique history, a repurposed piece of furniture can add character to a home.

Let’s me show you how to give a vintage briefcase  new life.

What you need

– Vintage Suitcase – (4) Hairpin Legs – Screws – Power Drill or Screwdriver - Cleaning solution

Clean the suitcase


First step is to clean it thoroughly with a cloth and hot soapy water.

Add the Legs


Position your first hairpin leg on the bottom corner of the briefcase. Use a drill gun to screw the legs into place.

Add the remaining legs


Continue to add each leg until all four legs are attached to the briefcase.

Stand it Up


Admire your new upcycled nightstand made from an old vintage briefcase.

The Thrifty Apartment

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