Coffee Bar Ideas for Small Spaces and Corners

The Thrifty Apartment

If you have a small space and would like to set up your own coffee station, get ready to create a cafe-like experience in your kitchen.  From caffeine-making tips to the best tools and supplies.


Find a Quality  Coffee Maker

The key to having a good coffee station is a really good coffee maker. Find a coffee maker that fits your style and fits effortlessly in your small space. 


Maximize your Space

Utilize the shelves, drawers, and cupboards to maximize the space around the coffee bar. This will give you room and storage to stash away more unsightly items and hide extra coffee essentials, coffee cups, and coffee beans or pods.


Organize with Canisters

A canister will make your coffee station feel more collected and cohesive. Decanter and store your ground coffee, coffee beans, sugar, filters, tea bags, and individual package creamers in the canisters.


Show off your pretty mugs

Mugs are essential to the coffee station. You can display your mugs in a fun way by hanging them on hooks, on a mug tree, or utilizing the shelves.


Incorporate Greenery

Add greenery to liven up the space and bring in the natural vibes


Use a Tray

Organize and corral your coffee essentials (like straws, sugar, spoons and filters) on a tray. This will add a touch of decor to the small space. 

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