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I am a late bloomer when it comes to coffee. I was well into my 20s before I started drinking coffee regularly. It started slow and steady with a cup of coffee one to two times a week.

Fast forward to today, I am the ultimate coffee lover. I just love the taste and smell of coffee. It invigorates me. I can’t start my day without a morning cup of coffee. In fact, I look forward to going to my kitchen in the mornings to brew a colossal-sized fresh cup of joe.

I have a coffee station on my kitchen countertop that satisfies my coffee cravings. Grabbing a well-made coffee from my coffee station has become a ritual in my morning routine. My coffee station has everything for curating the perfect latte, americano, cappuccino, espresso, or regular black cup of coffee.

So, if you have been thinking about setting up your own coffee station or looking for ideas, get ready to create that cafe-like experience in your kitchen. I’ll share my caffeine-making tips, favorite tools and supplies, and other coffee bar ideas for the kitchen counter.

coffee bar ideas for kitchen counter

Why a coffee station?

Besides aesthetics, a coffee station is a great way to keep all your coffee essentials in a centralized location. A coffee bar brings the coffee shop right into your kitchen. It allows you to curate a well-made cup of coffee that is perfect for you and your family’s taste buds.

Whether you like it hot or cold, sweet or sugarless, creamy or not, a coffee station gives you endless options without the high-end price tag of coffee shops like Starbucks, Peets, or any local cafe. My coffee bar has a dedicated space set up on my kitchen countertop.

While I could set up the coffee station on a coffee bar cart, small table, console table, or repurposed piece of furniture, I have chosen to maximize my countertop space by setting up the coffee bar on the kitchen counter. This coffee bar on the kitchen counter is also a good choice for small spaces. So, this setup might be perfect for you if you have a smaller space.

So save yourself some money (especially if you are on a tight budget), and let’s start setting up your cute coffee bar on your kitchen counter space.

How to Set Up the Coffee Bar Station

Now for the fun part of setting up your home coffee station. When setting up your DIY coffee station, think about your favorite cafe, what you love about it, and how it is set up. Then, think about how you use your supplies in the kitchen when making coffee. Try to plan precisely what you want, considering the space on your countertop.

coffee bar ideas electric kettle and pour over coffee

1. Declutter the countertop

Start by decluttering the area on the countertop where you plan to set up the coffee station. It is nice to have a clean slate when beginning.

2. Plan the flow of the coffee station

The coffee maker will be the focal point of the coffee station, so position it in a place to allow easy access and for everything else to flow around it. Think about both aesthetics and functionality when setting up your station.

For example – is it near an outlet and can be easily plugged in? Is it near a water source? There should be enough space for your coffeemaker, essentials, accessories, outlet, and access to a water source. Everything should flow effortlessly and be easily accessible. You want everything to be in one place to boost your morning coffee routine.

3. Storage and space utilization

Utilize the shelves, drawers, and cupboards to maximize the space around the coffee bar. This will give you room and storage to stash away more unsightly items and hide away extra coffee essentials, coffee cups, and coffee beans or pods.

4. Organize with canisters, storage containers, and trays

A canister and tray make your coffee station feel more collected and cohesive. Decanter and store your ground coffee, coffee beans, sugar, filters, tea bags, and individual package creamers in the canisters.

You can also use containers such as mason jars, cups, or decorative baskets to assist with organizing your spoons, filters, and stir sticks. Be sure to label all your containers to quickly tell what’s in them. Use a tray to accessorize and keep everything grounded and contained. 

coffee maker for coffee bar ideas for kitchen counter

5. Show off your pretty mugs

Mugs are essential to the coffee station. You can display your mugs in a fun way by hanging them on hooks, on a mug tree, or utilizing the shelves. How you display them will depend on your decor and design style.

6. Greenery, please

Florals and greenery can add so much life to your coffee station. It is the finishing touch that your coffee station might need. So give the coffee station a natural vibe and let nature in.

7. Integrate artwork

If nothing else, artwork near your kitchen coffee bar is simply cute with an added splash of your personality. This will make your beautiful coffee bar pop and stand out.

Opt for a small framed print that speaks to you and instantly inspires you in the morning. The artwork can be coffee quotes or seasonal phrases.

Comprehensive List of Essentials for Coffee Bar Station

Coffee Bar Essentials and Supplies for kitchen counter

Coffee Maker

What is the point of a coffee station without a coffee maker? A coffee maker is a requirement and the main equipment for setting up a home coffee bar. First, you must figure out the style of brewing method that you prefer.

Do you like pour-over coffee, espresso, drip coffee, or Keurig? I love old-fashioned drip coffee, so I have a Mr. Coffee coffee maker machine capable of brewing 14 cups at a time. For my vacation rentals, I equip them with this fancy Drew Barrymore Coffee Maker that is super cute and stylish.

Alternatively, Keurig coffee makers have become more popular nowadays. It is a great way to make one cup of coffee with the push of a button.

If you really want to take it to the next level, opt for a high-end cappuccino or espresso machine to truly feel like you have a barista in your own home with all the bells and whistles. Coffeeness offers insights on how to choose the best home espresso machine.

Coffee Equipment & Tools

  • Manual Coffee grinder or Electric grinder
  • French Press – I keep a French press machine on hand because sometimes I like to switch up how I make my morning coffee. I also use the French press for days I want to steep my loose-leaf tea.
  • Milk frother or steamer – I use it when I want a fancier coffee to give it a cafe-like touch. This makes me feel like I went to Starbucks or my favorite coffee shop without the high price tag.
  • Scale
  • Electric Kettle or Teapot
  • Canisters – Because the aesthetics of the coffee bar are important to me, I decanter and store everything I need to make my morning coffee. This includes ground coffee, coffee beans, sugar, filters, tea bags, and individual package creamers. I use these clear canisters to store my ground coffee, sugar, and sweet treats that go well with my morning coffee, like biscotti or a breakfast bar.
  • Coffee mugs – My coffee mugs come in varying sizes to accommodate the portion of coffee I plan to have that day – from large mugs for your caramel latte to small espresso cups.
  • Measuring spoons
  • Travel mug
  • Syrup dispenser

Coffee Supplies

  • Ground or whole coffee beans
  • Tea Assortment
  • Coffee pods (if you choose a Keurig)
  • Filters
  • Spoons
  • Stir sticks
  • Sugar
  • Creamer
  • Toppings – cinnamon, pumpkin spice
  • Hot chocolate
  • Honey
  • Coffee Syrups – vanilla, caramel, hazelnut and other simple syrup flavors
  • Napkins
  • Whipped cream

Coffee Accessories

  • Greenery
  • Flowers
  • Mug tree, Hooks, or Mug rack
  • Tray
  • Coffee art work
  • Morning treats
  • A small bottle of rum, whiskey, or brandy

Hopefully, you enjoyed my DIY coffee bar ideas for the kitchen countertop. Grabbing coffee in the morning when you’re half awake just got easier. Whatever you add to your coffee station will ultimately be up to your personal preferences.

The best part about this coffee bar is that it is customizable and can be neatly tucked into the countertop corner if you have a small kitchen. You can literally do whatever you like.

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