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When you’re grappling with the choice between a classic coffee pot and the trendy Keurig, making a decision can feel like a bit of a challenge. Coffee pots have been a staple for decades, while the Keurig is a relatively recent addition to the market, each bringing its own set of advantages and drawbacks.

For those who truly appreciate their coffee, the dilemma arises: stick with the traditional coffee pot or make the leap to the contemporary Keurig machine?

To assist you in figuring out which one aligns better with your lifestyle, let’s delve into the distinctions between these two beloved coffee makers, exploring the upsides and downsides of each.

coffee beans and k cups

Keurig Overview

Keurig has become the standard single-serve brewing option for coffee lovers and coffee drinkers. By combining convenience, speed, and quality, it has quickly become the market leader in compact brewing machines.

Keurig is an all-in-one machine that utilizes pre-filled coffee pods. When using a Keurig machine, you can choose from hundreds of varieties of coffee and tea as K-Cup pods. With Keurig, you can craft your favorite cup of joe or tea quickly and easily in your home.

A popular keurig is the Keurig k-elite and the Kuerig K-mini coffee maker.

keurig with pods

The Pros and Benefits of a Keurig

The Keurig is the more modern way of making coffee. Keurig machines offer an incredibly convenient coffee-making alternative that requires little effort. Here are the pros to using a Keurig:

  • You can make a single cup of coffee each time without worrying about wasting any leftover coffee. Keurig machines have a variety of settings, allowing users to customize their cups.
  • Keurig machines make it much easier to use by allowing you to quickly insert a pod of coffee grounds, choose your cup size, and press the brew button. Although each model may vary slightly in operation, they are all fairly easy to use.
  • Keurig models also give you access to a wide selection of great-tasting drinks with just the touch of a button.
  • The Keurig is the best option for those who prioritize convenience in their coffee-making. In just seconds, your hot, freshly brewed cup of Joe will be ready as you hurry out the door without fussing with coffee grounds and filters.
  • Each K-pod delivers a consistent quality and taste every single time.

Cons of a Keurig

  • Using a Keurig comes with environmental issues and an environmental cost. Keurig produces a vast amount of waste from their single-serve coffee pods, posing a huge environmental problem for our planet. While each pod is recyclable, it requires disassembling into three parts for recycling, and some consumers do not always recycle them correctly. When choosing the Keurig machine, environmental impact is an important consideration.
  • You are limited or restricted to using K-Cups or brands made explicitly for use in these machines.

Overview of a Drip Coffee Pot

The Drip Coffee Pot is a long-standing staple coffee brewing system. It is still the traditional way of effectively brewing a pot of delicious coffee. Drip Coffee Makers have the capability to brew large batches at once. Popular brands include Mr. Coffee, Cuisinart, and Beautiful by Drew Barrymore.

Classic Drip coffee machine works by boiling water through a system of tubes that disperse hot water over ground beans, filtering out the grounds and leading to a process that can last several minutes. The machines require you to add coffee grounds, measure out the water, and let it brew for a certain amount of time to produce a pot of brewed coffee.

coffee maker next to canisters

The Pros and Benefits of Coffee Pots 

Coffee pots are the traditional way many have been making coffee in their kitchens for years. The main pros of coffee pots are:

  • You can make large batches of coffee and multiple cups all at once. This is especially great if you have multiple coffee drinkers in your household, then a larger traditional drip machine is ideal.
  • Making coffee with a traditional coffee maker gives you more control over the taste, coffee roast, and caffeine strength and flavor of your coffee.
  • You can use different types of coffee beans to make your coffee.

Cons of a Drip Coffee Pot

  • You’ll need to clean out the carafe every time you use it.
  • The traditional drip method is a manual process of coffee making. This can lead to many variables that can impact the taste of the coffee, such as the dose and the quality of the coffee itself.
  • Making a few cups of coffee in the carafe takes a few minutes.
cup of coffee with coffee beans

Things to Consider When Choosing: Coffee Pot vs Keurig


Let’s take a closer look at pricing. Generally, Keurigs will cost considerably more than a traditional drip coffee pot. The cost of a Keurig machine can range from $75 and up versus an average drip coffee maker, starting at just around $20 and up.

In addition, the starting average cost of a 12 oz bag of coffee grounds or whole beans is around $6. The average 12 oz ground coffee bag should be able to brew anywhere from 18-20 cups of coffee. On the other hand, a 24-count Keurig Green Mountain costs around $14.90. This works out to be 62 cents per cup for K-pods and 33 cents per cup for a bag of coffee.

While many different factors can impact the number of cups obtained from a traditional drip coffee pot, including the size of the cup, the coffee machine, and the brew strength of the coffee, overall, it is more economical. Single-use coffee pods are generally more expensive per use than traditional grounds.


How long are you willing to wait for the coffee to finish brewing?  A conventional coffee pot can take a few minutes to brew a pot of coffee. Drip coffee makers use pre-ground coffee beans that require longer brewing times.

However, brewing with a Keurig machine can be accomplished in under a minute. All you need to do for a quick cup of coffee is pop in a K-Cup pod and let the machine do its job. There is barely any wait time when it comes to a Keurig. Keurigs work faster as they extract the flavor from the K-Cup.

Keurig coffee machines may be the right choice for those with limited time and a need for quick, efficient brewing.

The Brew

cup of joe and beans with storage bag

A Keurig machine provides a much quicker brewing time than your traditional coffee pot. However, its speed may affect the quality of the drink you get. The short contact between the hot water and coffee beans during brewing might result in an under-extracted coffee flavor. However, the brew will be consistent and the same every single time.

While Keurig coffees promise almost instant gratification, they cannot compare to the flavor nuances of a traditional pot of coffee. If you want full control over your coffee, a traditional drip coffee pot is the way to go. You’ll be able to determine how strong or weak your brew is and can even tweak it to fit your own personal preferences.

For those who prefer a more hands-on approach and like to play around with different flavors, the traditional coffee pot is the best choice – allowing you full control over the amount of water, type of beans, grind size, and time spent brewing.

If you are after simplicity and convenience without sacrificing too much flavor or customization, then Keurig is definitely the way to go.

The Impact on the Environment

Has it ever occurred to you what happens to the k cups once you discard them? Keurig K-cups are not biodegradable and cannot be recycled due to their structure.  While some pod elements can technically be recycled or composted, it is time-consuming and inconvenient for many people.

Therefore, most Keurig pods end up in landfills instead. This means that billions of non-compostable plastic pods pollute our environment, making single-serve cups the most wasteful coffee.

On the other hand, when it comes to environmental impact, traditional coffee brewing with grounds is a clear winner. After use, the leftover coffee grounds and filter can easily be disposed of or used for composting, with the paper filter breaking down naturally in months. Traditional brewing with grounds leads the way as the more environmentally friendly option.

If you want to reduce your environmental impact and carbon footprint while getting your morning caffeine fix, consider returning to basics with good old-fashioned coffee grounds! Coffee grounds and a filter are more sustainable.

Ease of Use and Care

Traditional coffee pots are often more difficult to clean and maintain than Keurig machines. Coffee grounds can easily clog filters, carafes need regular cleaning and descaling, and some models require the brewing basket to be frequently scrubbed.

On the other hand, Keurig machines are easy to maintain as all that is required is an occasional wipe-down and descale every now and then.

Household Size

A traditional coffee pot is the best bet for those with multiple coffee drinkers in their homes. But, for those living alone or not drinking as much coffee, the single-cup reservoir machines of the Keurig brand offer a great alternative.

If you’re a coffee lover or coffee enthusiast who drinks two or more cups of good coffee daily, then a standard coffee maker holds the advantage regarding cost and flavor.

The Verdict: Coffee Pot vs. Keurig

coffee pot vs keurig

When choosing between a coffee pot and a Keurig, there isn’t an easy answer as to which option is better. Deciding between a coffee pot and a Keurig can be tricky. Both styles of brewers have advantages and disadvantages that make them suitable in certain situations and not so much in others.

Choosing the right coffee maker depends on your individual needs. If you’re looking for a reliable, cost-effective way to make multiple cups of coffee daily and don’t mind taking a bit more time to enjoy your brew, a traditional pot may be the best choice.

Coffee pots are great for brewing multiple cups of coffee at once. And besides, there is just something so wonderful about the sweet aroma that lingers throughout the home after it’s been freshly brewed in a pot.

However, if you’re the kind of person who values convenience, nothing beats a Keurig machine. It’s all about hitting a button and quickly getting your hot cup of coffee.  Keurigs are extremely simple and convenient, but can only make one cup of coffee at a time.

Ultimately, it boils down to personal preference when choosing between these two coffeemakers! Consider all your requirements carefully before picking the perfect coffee maker for you.

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