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How to Build a DIY Coat Rack

Materials Needed – Sanding Sponge or Sand Paper – 1 in. x 8 in Pine Wood – It’s important to note that the actual dimensions of this wood (or any wood at the hardware store) will always be 1/2 inch smaller. – Wall Hooks – Wood Stain in Dark Walnut – Paint Brush – Short Screw – Long 2-½” wood screw – Rag or Piece of Cloth – Pencil – Plastic sheeting – Drop cloth

Step 1 – Measure your wood After choosing your preferred type of wood, the initial step is to measure its size using a measuring tape and mark the desired length with a pencil.

Step 2 – Cut the Wood Next up is cutting the wood using a circular saw. To ensure stability and safety during cutting, I positioned the pine wood on saw horses to keep it secure and steady on the work surface. 

Step 3 – Sand the wood With the wood now cut to size, the next step is sanding. Using either grit sandpaper or a sanding sponge, carefully sand the wood to smooth the surface and eliminate any rough edges, scratches, dings, or blemishes. 

Step 4 – Stain the wood. First, select your preferred stain color and give it a good stir before using it. Using a paintbrush, start applying the stain to the sanded wood surface. 

Step 5 – Affix the Coat Hook With the staining process complete, it’s time to attach the hooks to the pine wood. Begin by using a measuring tape to position the hooks in a straight line, spaced 7 inches apart. 

Step 6 – Locate the Stud With the hooks securely in place, it’s time to mount the coat hanger onto the wall. Begin by using a stud finder to locate the positions of the studs in the wall. 

Step 7 – Mount the Coat Rack Once you’ve located the stud, grab a leveler to ensure the board is perfectly straight before securing it to the studs permanently. 

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