A coat rack is an essential home decor staple for many households. And if you’ve ever entered a space and found that there was nowhere to hang your coat or scarf, then you understand how important it is to have one. So, whether you have limited closet space or lack entryway storage for your coats, it’s time to add functionality and style with a wall-mounted coat rack.

Follow along as I show you how to make this simple DIY farmhouse coat rack with a few easy steps. Get ready to put those woodworking skills to use.

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Why a Coat Rack?

My husband and I run a vacation rental, and in that particular home, there is no designated area for guests to hang their coats. The house lacks a coat closet and an entryway coat rack. This often leaves our guests with limited space to hang their coats or hats.

Many times, the guest would simply leave their coat on the couch or hang it over a chair. We thought it would be a great decorating idea for this small space to build our own farmhouse coat rack. This unique design would exude functionality and style.

We wanted the rustic coat rack to have at least 4-hooks to accommodate our average guest count. This stylish coat rack would be heavy-duty enough to hold multiple heavy coats, a purse, and possibly a backpack. We wanted the coat rack to wow our guests when they entered the front door.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I will earn a small commission if you purchase through my link. Please see the full disclosure policy and privacy policy for more information. 

DIY farmhouse coat rack

DIY Farmhouse Coat Rack

Materials Needed

  • Sanding Sponge or Sand Paper
  • 1 in. x 8 in Pine Wood – It’s important to note that the actual dimensions of this wood (or any wood at the hardware store) will always be 1/2 inch smaller.
  • Wall Hooks
  • Wood Stain in Dark Walnut
  • Paint Brush
  • Short Screws
  • Long 2-½” wood screws
  • Rag or Piece of Cloth
  • Pencil
  • Plastic sheeting
  • Drop cloth

Tools Required (Tools that you may already have in your arsenal)

Most of these materials, hand tools, and power tools can also be found at your home depot or local craft store. Since wood is the most vital part of the project, you can also substitute pine wood with a piece of scrap wood or barnwood to create this wooden DIY coat rack.

Step 1 – Measure your wood.

Once you have selected your type of wood, the first step is to measure the size of the wood using a measuring tape and mark your ideal length with a pencil. For my coat rack, I wanted it to have four coat hooks 7 inches apart from each other. This would give us a total of 35 inches in length to cut the entire wood.

measure of wood for DIY farmhouse coat rack

Step 2 – Cut the Wood

The next step is to cut the actual wood using a circular saw or desired type of saw. Before cutting the wood, I placed the pine wood on saw horses to help it stay firm and sturdy work surface. Use the saw blade to cut the desired length of wood.

circular saw to wood for diy farmhouse coat rack

Step 3 – Sand the wood

Once the wood is cut, you will then sand the wood with grit sandpaper or a sanding sponge. Sanding the wood helps smooth the wood surface and rough edges, removing any scratches, dings, and blemishes. Good sanding also preps the wood for staining and helps to bring out the natural beauty of the wood. The sanded wood can better absorb the stain on the wood.

Step 4 – Stain the wood.

Grab your favorite stain color and stir the stain before use. Begin applying the stain color to the sanded wood using a paintbrush. Use a rag to remove any dripping or excess stain from the sides of the board. Then let it dry. One coat should suffice with this particular brand of stain, but if you prefer, you can add a second coat if you want a darker or more even finished look. The outcome will greatly depend on your preference. Repeat on the other side of the wood and let it dry for at least 24 hours between each coat.

stain pine wood measure of wood for DIY farmhouse coat rack

Step 5 – Affix the Coat Hooks

Now that your wood has completed the staining process, it is to affix the hooks to the pine wood. Start by positioning the hooks in a straight line 7 inches apart using a measuring tape. Mark each hook’s position with a pencil to know precisely where to drill. Then take each hook, angle the tips of the screws, and begin to drill them into the wood using the cordless drill.

hook for farmhouse DIY coat hanger

Side note – as I began to prepare to drill, I realized that the screws that came with the hooks were too long for the wood. Luckily I had additional screws from a leftover project that was short enough to fit inside the hook and through the board. Next time, I will first measure every piece of material and supply, including the screws, before starting the project. This way, I can ensure I have exactly what I want and need.

Step 6 – Locate the Studs

Once the hooks are in place, it is time to affix the coat hanger to the wall. The first thing to do is find the stud locations using the stud finder. Since this coat hanger will have heavy items, you may want to try to anchor the wood to at least two wall studs.

Step 7 – Mount the Coat Rack

Once you find the stud, use the leveler here to ensure the board is straight before permanently affixing it to the studs. Once it is straight, you can drill the long finishing nail through the board that will go through the wall and into the stud.

Side note – If you do not have the option to affix the wooden coat rack to a stud, then a simple way would be to use wall anchors on the back of the wood. I recommend using self-drilling drywall anchors.

farmhouse coat rack

And there you have it, a well-designed rustic DIY coat rack. This was such an easy project. This eye-catching coat rack was exactly what we needed for our guests. What I love most about this wood coat rack is that it is multipurpose and can also be used in the guest room or laundry room as a towel rack, clothes rack, or hat rack.

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