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The secret is out – black grout can add a touch of sophistication, depth, and elegance to any space. While white grout is the more traditional color in many homes, white tile with black grout defies traditions because of its bold appearance, timeless look, and low maintenance perception.

White tiles accented by black grout can make your tiles stand out, creating a striking and modern look. While this color scheme is undeniably bold, it’s important to consider the pros and cons before adding black grout with white tile and other tile colors in your home.

If you’re thinking about black grout for your next bathroom design or kitchen backsplash, I am sharing all the pros and cons of choosing black grout and how to take care of it properly. 

white tile with black grout

White Tile with Black Grout

Black grout is becoming commonplace in many kitchen remodels and bathroom renovations. Black grout works well with just about any tile pattern, including classic white subway tiles, white mosaic tiles, and herringbone tiles.

It can also be used on the bathroom shower tile, kitchen tiled backsplash, and bathroom floor. 

bathroom with new tile floor with black grout

White tile with black grout is popular among homeowners and interior designers because of its bold appearance. In fact, black grout with white tile is one of the most popular tile and grout combinations today because of its traditional and modern look. 

Black grout works best with lighter-colored tiles because of the beautiful contrast and dramatic aesthetic it creates when paired with light colors, but it can also be paired with darker-colored tiles.

When choosing a white tile with black grout, it is common for the tile, whether porcelain or ceramic, to become the room’s focal point. This is primarily because the tile and grout color will stand out with its deep color against a basic plain white tile or not-so-basic tile pattern, allowing your tile to truly pop.

Let’s examine the pros and cons of choosing black grout in a bathroom or kitchen.

white tiles in kitchen

Pros of Using Black Grout

1. Visually Stunning 

There’s a reason why black grout is trendy. And that’s because it’s dramatic, absolutely stunning, and appealing to the eye.

It is known for showing off a bold design while emphasizing the tile’s shape. Using black grout in your space will make an instant statement and deliver the ultimate design punch.

This dark grout contrasts nicely with lighter-colored tiles such as subway tiles and mosaic tiles. White subway tile with black grout is my favorite, as it is simplistic yet sophisticated and will continue to look great over time. 

2. Ability to Conceal Dirt 

It’s almost impossible to see dirt on black grout (but that doesn’t mean it’s not dirty). The fact that you can’t really see the dirt through black grout makes it most appealing. Black grout has a way of masking any evidence of dirt. 

3. It’s Modern and Timeless 

While trendy, black grout presents a timeless look. It is one of those farmhouse-style trends that won’t go away anytime soon.

It won’t go out of style and will make any kitchen or bathroom look modern with a classic look.

black grout white tile

Cons of Choosing Black Grout

1. It is prone to fading.

Unlike white grout, gray, and light grout colors, black grout is more prone to fading and bleeding of its color.

Because of fading and bleeding, the black grout may lose its ​​beautiful color and luster over time.  This is primarily from water hitting against the shower walls over time.

In addition to the shower area, fading may happen in areas with high foot traffic. Even with fading, there are many ways that you can maintain the grout color of the black grout – assuming you are up to the challenge.  

2. It doesn’t show dirt.

While one of the pros of black grout is that it hides dirt, there’s a misconception that it doesn’t get dirty.

Unfortunately, black grout can easily and equally have dirt, gunk buildup, and mold if not handled properly with regular cleaning. While it can be challenging to keep clean, it needs to be cleaned frequently to be preserved. 

How to Make Your Own Homemade Grout Cleaner


3. Black grout is messy to install.

It’s always best to use tile professionals when installing this grout for a cleaner look. Black grout is messy to install and even more difficult to clean up.

It’s important to note that if you choose to DIY and complete the job yourself, you have to be very careful and meticulous when installing black grout. Mistakes are often hard to correct, so take your time with the prep work.

Try to get the grout pre-mixed to get the right water and grout mix ratio before installation. This will help with some of the messiness involved with installation while pairing best with the tile.

Black grout will show all its imperfections, and any mistakes you might make during installation will show up – especially if you don’t get your lines straight.

4. Black grout lines may appear busy.

Depending on the size of the grout line, it can appear busy after installation. This busyness can be distracting, drawing the eye around the room.

It is best to keep the black grout lines thin instead of thick for a more refined look. Thinner grout lines are more sophisticated and appear cleaner in design. 

black grout tile work

Tips for Maintaining Black Grout

Seal it 

Since black grout is porous, it needs to be sealed regularly. Grout tends to soak up dirt and moisture easily.

Sealing the grout will not only prevent it from fading but also from growing mold. This will allow your grout to continue looking good year after year. 

How to Seal Grout on Tile Floors

Clean black grout regularly.

While you may feel inclined to leave it alone because you don’t visually see the dirt, it is important to clean black grout regularly to help preserve it.

Refrain from harsh cleaners like pine sol and bleach and opt for gentle cleaning products with a neutral pH balance.

Harsh cleaning products may lead to the breaking down of your sealant, leading to discoloration and fading. A neutral cleaner will be the best solution to prevent this from happening. 

Have a black grout pen handy.

A black grout pen is a type of paint pen that can be used to color over your existing grout. Grout pens are usually waterproof and don’t create any form of mess.

You can easily grab and go with grout pens to quickly touch up the grout if you notice visible fading. This is a great way to keep the black grout black. 

kitchen tile backsplash

What is grout?

Grout is a material used to fill the gaps and crevices between tiles or stones on a surface. It helps to hold the tiles or stones in place, preventing water from seeping through the surface.

Grout is a requirement when filling spaces between tiles. Grout creates a seamless tile appearance while helping to protect the tile from cracking and moisture from seeping through.

Black grout is popular for creating a modern and sleek look in bathrooms and kitchens.

Is black grout a good idea?

One of the biggest pros of using black grout with white tile is that it creates a vivid contrast. The stark colors draw attention to the textural elements, emphasizing the beautiful details of your tile work. Also, having a dark color behind lighter colors will make them look brighter and more luminescent.

While black grout may have imperfections, it may be the perfect solution for your family and household. Let’s face it: no grout is perfect, but black grout is extremely effective at hiding dirt and gunk buildup.

And if you have a busy household where you might not be able to maintain cleaning regularly, black grout is still a great choice. 

If you want the best grout pair, white tile black grout is a timeless yet attractive way to upgrade your space.

While it may not be the safest option to use black grout with white tile, it is the boldest and the most fun. It will guarantee to wow your guests, friends, and family.

Does black grout fade over time?

Yes, black grout is prone to fading over time. This is especially true in bathrooms with regularly damp or humid air and high foot traffic, like kitchen floors.

The greatest cause of fading is exposure to water and moisture over long periods of time, which can cause the dye to leach out of the grout.

Regular cleaning and sealing may help prolong the life of your black grout.

Is black grout still in style?

Absolutely. Black grout is here to stay. It is not going anywhere. Black grout is classic and timeless.

It will continue to be a popular grout color choice for many homeowners and designers, ensuring its resilience against shifting trends.

Where to find black grout?

Black grout is very easy to find. You can find black grout at any hardware store (Harbor Freight Tools or Ace Hardware), home improvement store (Home Depot and Lowes), local paint store (Sherwin Williams), or even online at Amazon. 

Are there alternatives to black grout?

It’s ok if black grout does not align with your design preferences. There are plenty of alternatives to black grout. Here are some alternative color options to consider:

  • Grey grout – grey grout can create a clean look. It offers the homeowner versatility and an understated alternative. Plenty of grey grout shades can complement a wide range of tile colors and designs, allowing the focus to remain on the tiles rather than the grout.
  • Beige grout – beige offers a more soft and muted tone for tiles.

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Hopefully, you have found this list of pros and cons of black grout useful.  I’d love to hear your thoughts. What do you think about choosing white tiles with black grout?

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