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How to Cover Wire Shelving Using Foam Board

– Foam Board (you can grab them at a local dollar store or get foam board on Amazon, but they are slightly more expensive. – Packing Tape or White duck Tape – Box Cutter (or anything with a shard edge like a knife or scissors) – Peel and Stick Contact Paper or Wall Paper – Measuring Tape – Pencil

Materials & Tools Needed

Step 1.  Empty the Closet - Remove all items on top of the wire shelf in the closet to make space for the new shelf covers. 

Step 2.  Measure your shelve The first thing you must do when creating your DIY wire shelf covers is measure the shelves in the closet. 

Step 3.  Outline the Foam Board  Once you have the measurements for the shelves, it is time to outline the foam board, then cut it. 

Step 4. Cut the Foam Board  Cut the foam board using the outline that you created. The trick here is to cut the lip or edge of the foam board half way and leave the edges still connected.  

Step 5.  Connect the Foam Board piece Use clear packing tape to connect the two pieces of foam board to increase its length. This step may not be required if your closet is the same size or shorter than the width of the original foam board. 

Step 6.  Cover the Foam Board with Contact Paper It’s time to cover the foam board with contact paper. Take the Foam Board and lay it over the contact paper. Use a scissor to cut the contact paper to conform around the board.  

Step 7. Insert the Foam Shelves in Closet It is time to insert the wire cover on top of the shelf.  Repeat the process for each shelf throughout the linen closet.   

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