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Using Black Grout with White Tiles

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White tiles accented by black grout can make your tiles stand out, creating a striking and modern look.

If you’re thinking about black grout for your next bathroom design or kitchen backsplash, I am sharing all the pros and cons of choosing black grout and how to take care of it properly. 

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1. Visually Stunning 

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Using black grout in your space will make an instant statement and deliver the ultimate design punch.

2. Ability to Conceal Dirt 

Black grout has a way of masking any evidence of dirt. 

3. It’s Modern and  Timeless 

It won’t go out of style and will make any kitchen or bathroom look modern with a classic look.


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1. It is prone to fading

Unlike white grout, gray, and light grout colors, black grout is more prone to fading and bleeding of its color.

2. It doesn’t show dirt

While one of the pros of black grout is that it hides dirt, there’s a misconception that it doesn’t get dirty.

3. Black grout is messy to install

Black grout is messy to install and even more difficult to clean up.

4. Black grout lines may appear busy

Using black grout with white tiles may create a busy appearance depending on the grout line size, potentially distracting the eye.

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