Simple Airbnb Bedroom Idea

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Charging Station for Personal Device

Having a charging station or outlet where guests can charge their phones, laptops, or other personal devices is a must-have in your vacation rental. 

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Comfortable Mattre

A good night’s rest is priceless, and most guests want a bed where they can rest and recharge. 

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White Bedding

White linens and sheets make the best impression and communicate cleanliness well. 

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Bedside Table

A side table on both sides of the bed will make the room look and feel complete. It is also most functional for couples or multiple people sleeping in a bed. 

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Bedside Lamp

Not only does the bedside table lamp serve as a decorative element, but it is also great for mood settings and reading in bed.  

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Faux or Live Plant

Plants are not just for outdoor spaces – they can be a good addition to an Airbnb bedroom. Having indoor plants in a bedroom is also a great way to add character to a space .

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