8 Easy Ways to Update Your  Kitchen Without Renovating

The Thrifty Apartment

The kitchen is one of the most essential and utilized areas of the house. We cook, eat, and gather in our kitchens. It is the heart of the home, a focal point, and the center of our everyday living. 

Updating the look and feel of your kitchen will transform the way you use it. And you don’t have to do an entire kitchen remodel to achieve this. Here's how you can modernize your kitchen.


Paint Your Cabinets

Go for a two-tone look by painting the bottom and upper cabinets different colors, or just keep it simple and paint it white to give your old kitchen a modern look. 


Install Open Shelving

Open shelving is a modern yet trendy way to update a kitchen. You can purchase ready-to-install floating shelves or DIY your own to give your space even more storage.


Change the Faucet

A stunning faucet can add beauty and sophistication to a kitchen. Updating a kitchen faucet is a simple way to help breathe new life into your kitchen.


Replace Cabinet hardware

It may be time to spruce up those worn cabinets by changing out the cabinet hardware for new shiny knobs or handles.


Hanging Pots and Pans

Hanging your pots and pans is a trendy and hip way to use up your wall space instead of using cabinet space.


New Backsplash

Adding Backsplash is a great way to give your kitchen an updated look, no matter what style of cabinets and decor you have!


Bring in New Appliance

Consider replacing an old refrigerator, stove, or microwave to automatically give your kitchen a facelift. 


Dreamy Artwork

Decorate your kitchen with unique artwork. Artwork will add visual interest to your kitchen.

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