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Your home is an extension of your unique self, so give your living space the high-end treatment it deserves by decorating it with these ten luxury home decor touches.

Luxury home touches go beyond stylish decorations and furnishings, though those are a great starting point. Take things further by transforming unexpected spaces like bathrooms and spare bedrooms into relaxing and upscale retreats. 

Creating an inviting living space that feels like a five-star escape is easy with these top luxury home decor products and decorating accessories. 

1. Hanging and Standing Mirrors

Mirrors are some of the most accessible luxury decor touches you can purchase to instantly brighten your home and make it feel larger. Whether you have limited space and need to stick with hanging mirrors or love the look of an oversized floor mirror, there’s no wrong way to incorporate mirrors into your home. 

Large, ornate floor mirrors have become a trendy choice for living spaces because they add elegance to any room. You can easily style a floor mirror in bedrooms, home offices, and living rooms. 

Many shoppers gravitate towards stores like Anthropologie that have capitalized on the trend with sizable framed mirrors. If you’re shopping for modern home decor items on a budget, many affordable luxury brand alternatives offer Anthropologie mirror dupes that will give you the same chic look for less. 

2. Bold Art Wall

If you have a blank wall in your home that you’re struggling to decorate, consider creating an art or gallery wall. There are many ways to incorporate this trend, including black-and-white photo walls and eclectic wall art collections. Whatever your style preferences, a decorative wall of mix-and-match photos and art prints is a great way to liven up your space.

Try to stick with a cohesive theme for your gallery wall, so all the pieces tie together without looking random or mismatched. Consider the colors, patterns, and styles of photos or prints you plan to use and play around with placement to find the perfect design for your art wall decor. Stylish picture frames are a fun addition to your home art wall and give you some freedom to experiment with textures, shapes, and materials.

3. Luxurious Bed Frames

Your mattresses deserve the luxury treatment, too! Invest in quality bed frames for your primary and guest bedrooms to instantly elevate the space. The college days are over, and it’s time to purchase a durable bed frame to get your mattress off the floor. 

Bed frames come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s easy to find an option that’s functional and well-made without compromising aesthetics. 

Remember, bed frames can be a big financial commitment, so do plenty of research to ensure your pick will fit your needs. Many home decor stores offer budget-friendly alternatives to high-end frames, like these Cloud bed frame dupes, to help you save money. 

You can pair your bed frames with elegant headboards, bedding, and bedside accent tables to channel the five-star hotel look.

4. Barista-Quality Coffee at Home

Cookware and home appliances might not be the first things that come to mind when considering upscale decorative accents for your home collection, but they should be. Every luxury home needs a fully automatic espresso machine to energize your family and guests. While automatic espresso machines can be a splurge, they pay off in the long run since you won’t be ordering coffee out as often.

An automated espresso machine makes barista-quality drinks from home, so it’s worth the investment even if you’re not a coffee connoisseur. There can be a learning curve as you get used to operating a high-end espresso machine, but the delicious results will blow you away. Nothing screams luxury like a hot cup of espresso first thing in the morning, so treat yourself to an artisan espresso machine that can do it all.

5. Chic Dining Chairs

Every home needs a set of dining chairs, so why not invest in stylish and high-quality accent furniture pieces that can transform the look of an entire room? Whether you have a formal dining room or a cozy breakfast nook, having at least two chic and comfortable dining chairs or barstools is essential to enjoy your meals in style. If you love to entertain, dining chairs are a must-have home decor item since they also provide extra seating for guests.

The overall look of your home and lifestyle needs will heavily influence the style of dining chair you choose. Upholstered chairs, for instance, are a beautiful addition to any dining space but tend to be expensive and prone to stains. Woven wicker dining chairs have been a top pick in recent years, thanks to companies like Serena & Lily that have popularized the rattan chair trend. With so many luxurious dining chairs available, it’s easy to find the seating of your dreams.  

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6. Warm Lighting

Lighting can impact a living space more than you realize, so choosing practical but stylish fixtures is essential. 

Standing lamps are an excellent option to make a bold statement and give a room plenty of light. If you prefer the warmth of smaller light sources, spruce your house up with a few table lamps. Vogue suggests paper and fabric lighting options to give rooms soft, ambient light that isn’t too harsh.

Candles give your home a cozy, luxurious feel and create a more intimate atmosphere. You can also get creative in finding stylish candleholders that fit your home’s style. 

Outdoor lighting is as essential as the lights inside your home because it improves curb appeal. Lanterns and decorative sconces are essential home and garden decor pieces to give your house personality and stand out.

7. Heated Bathroom Fixtures

Bathrooms are an underrated area for adding hints of luxury to your home, but they’re some of the most practical places to cultivate an upscale atmosphere. Your bathroom should be a peaceful sanctuary where you can start and end your day on a relaxing note. Create a spa-like environment with heated accents that will keep you toasty year-round.

Say goodbye to cold tile floors by investing in under-floor heating to help your space feel warm and inviting, even on chilly mornings. Heated tile floors are a functional way to elevate the elegance of your bathroom that will pay off for years to come. 

Heated towel racks are another simple luxury home decor touch that goes a long way. What’s more lavish than wrapping yourself in plush, warm towels after a refreshing shower? 

8. Wellness Room 

If you have an available room in your home, consider transforming it into a wellness room. Designating a quiet and peaceful space in your house makes it easy to unwind without booking an expensive spa day or wellness retreat. You can use your wellness room for anything that makes you feel re-centered and relaxed, like meditation, yoga, and journaling.   

Incorporate soothing elements like plants, rocks, and water to create a natural indoor oasis. Mini sculpture figurines, decorative fountains, and handcrafted pottery pieces make great ways to decorate your home wellness area. We also suggest accenting the space with throw pillows, blankets, rugs, and cushions or poufs for plenty of versatility. 

Every luxe home deserves a safe space where you can escape the chaos of daily life, and wellness rooms are an easy way to achieve this.  

9. Kitchen Wine Fridge

Impress your dinner guests by adding a wine fridge to your kitchen to store your favorite red, white, and rosé wine bottles. This kitchen appliance may be small, but it packs a serious punch. Considering how much time we spend cooking, drinking, and creating memories in the kitchen, it’s worth investing in functional kitchenware gadgets that amp up the sophistication.

Even if you aren’t a wine connoisseur, keeping bottles on hand when entertaining and hosting guests is a nice touch. You can also stock the fridge with champagne to celebrate special occasions and accomplishments in luxury. 

You’ll be the best dinner party host in town by furnishing your kitchen with a wine fridge.

10. Natural Greenery

The last unique home decor touch we recommend adding to your living space is various greenery accents. Publications like House Digest suggest bringing the outdoors inside to give your home a natural and sustainable aesthetic in 2023. 

Faux indoor topiaries and live plants can give areas like your entryway a refreshing touch of botanical beauty. You can also stock your home with glassware like vases and jars to spruce up your bedside table or coffee table with live flower and plant centerpieces.

Giving your house a touch of greenery on the exterior is easy, thanks to planters and wreaths. Research what plants will thrive in your environment and invest in quality pots and planters that will always stay in style. Greenery gives your home an effortlessly inviting feel, making it a must in any luxury living space. According to Piedmont Healthcare, keeping indoor plants has scientifically proven health benefits, including better air quality and reduced stress levels.  

These luxury home accents and decor ideas will instantly elevate your living space, creating a peaceful escape you look forward to enjoying daily.

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