How To Clean Vinyl Plank Flooring

vinyl plank flooring in home

Vinyl plank flooring is a top choice for many homeowners. It’s stylish, easy to maintain, and extremely durable. However, like most flooring types, it still needs to be properly cleaned and regularly maintained to keep looking fresh and new. Fortunately, cleaning vinyl plank flooring is relatively straightforward if you use the proper techniques and products. […]

Drip Coffee Pot vs Keurig: Which Is Better?

coffee pot vs keurig

When you’re trying to decide between a coffee pot and Keurig, it can be hard to choose. Coffee pots have been around for decades, while the Keurig is newer to the market, so they both come with their own pros and cons. Many coffee lovers face the difficult decision of whether to purchase a conventional […]

How to Get Rid of Smells in Garbage Disposal

citrus peels in in-sink-erator

Is your kitchen sink emitting unpleasant, pungent smells due to a smelly garbage disposal?  In most kitchens, the garbage disposal is the one kitchen appliance that gets neglected the most until it starts to smell. Fortunately, there are plenty of techniques you can use to get rid of those unwanted odors and keep them away […]

How to Clean a Porcelain Kitchen Sink

before and after cleaning porcelain sink

​​If you have a porcelain kitchen sink, as I do, then you know how much of a struggle it can be to keep it clean and free of scratches and stains. While I absolutely love the look of a Porcelain sink, the stains and discoloration on it can be a source of embarrassment. However, after […]

How To Clean a Glass Stove Top

glass stove top

I just love the look of a glass stove top. When I first moved into my home, I was so impressed by the modern, sleek look of the glass stove top. The stove top added to the style and attractiveness of the kitchen. However, as pretty as a glass stove top is, when cooking on […]

How to Remove Rust From Cast Iron Grill Pan

cast iron grill pan cleaning supplies

I absolutely love cooking with a cast iron grill pan. Cast iron grill pans are super durable and efficient at cooking some of my best meals. It is the workhorse of the kitchen that gets better with time and can virtually last for a lifetime. But cleaning it and preserving it can sometimes be a […]

How to Clean Couch with Steam Cleaner or Upholstery Cleaner

handheld couch cleaner

Our family spends a lot of time in the living room, watching tv, lounging, and having wonderful conversations on the couch. However, with two rowdy toddlers with their snacks and their filthy hands and the occasional juice, coffee, or wine spill, the couch seems to get its fair share of wear and tear. While a […]

12 Tips on How to Declutter Apartment

unorganized clothing

It’s a new year, a new season, and it may be time for a fresh start. Decluttering an apartment or home can be an overwhelming and daunting task. Whether you are in a small apartment or a large apartment, much clutter can accumulate quickly and it could easily get between you and your life. But […]

Guest Bathroom Essentials Checklist

guest bathroom

From friends to family members, I love hosting overnight guests in my home. Before my guests arrive, the perfectionist in me always ensures my guest bathroom is impeccably clean and presentable (similar to my guest bedroom). I like to treat my guests the same way that I would want to be treated if I was […]

Kitchen Appliance Checklist: 19 Essentials

Grey Kitchen

The kitchen is the heartbeat of the home. The right kitchen appliance makes all the difference in how you function in your kitchen. Furnishing your kitchen with the right appliances can revolutionize how you prep and cook your tasty meals. So, if you are trying to figure out where to begin with kitchen appliances, I […]