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The living room is a central gathering spot for friends and family, ideal for relaxing, watching movies, or chatting. However, it’s also prone to becoming cluttered with daily use. To keep your living room organized and tidy, here are 18 items to consider removing to declutter and reclaim your space.

Outdated Magazines and Newspapers

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Magazines and newspapers tend to accumulate over time, taking up valuable space. Take a moment to go through your collection and dispose of any outdated issues. If there are articles you want to keep, consider scanning or taking photos of them to save digitally.

Broken or Unused Electronics

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Old devices that no longer work or serve a purpose are simply taking up valuable real estate in your living room. Take inventory of your electronics and part ways with those that are broken or no longer used. Properly recycle or dispose of them according to local regulations.

Random Knick-knacks

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While decorative items can add personality to your living room, too many can create visual clutter. Assess each item and decide whether it brings you joy or enhances the space. Consider keeping a few meaningful pieces and donating or storing the rest to create a more visually pleasing environment.

Worn Rugs

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Rugs can tie a room together, but worn-out or mismatched ones can make your living room look disheveled. Replace damaged or heavily stained rugs with new ones that complement your decor. This simple swap can instantly refresh the look and feel of your living space.

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Unused or Broken Toys

Baby Toys
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If you have children, chances are there’s a pile of toys in your living room. To avoid stepping on Lego pieces, take the time to sort through them and remove any that are broken or no longer played with. Encourage your children to keep their toys in designated storage areas to maintain a clutter-free living room.

Half Used Candles

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Candles can create a cozy ambiance, but used ones can become cluttered. If you have candles that you never use or are half-used, consider donating them to someone who will appreciate them.

Damaged Lighting

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Assess your decorative lighting pieces and remove any that no longer fit your style or aren’t functioning correctly. This will free up space and allow you to focus on the lighting that enhances your living room.

Old Books

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Books are excellent, but it might be time to declutter if you have a collection gathering dust and taking up space. Keep the books you love and plan to reread, and consider donating or selling books you no longer need. This will create room for new books or other items that will bring you joy.

Old Furniture

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Damaged or worn-out furniture takes up valuable space and can detract from the overall aesthetic of your living room. Consider donating or selling furniture pieces you no longer need or use.

Board Games

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If you have board games or puzzles gathering dust in your living room, assess if they are still played or enjoyed. If not, consider donating them to a local charity or passing them on to someone who will appreciate them.

DVDs and CDs

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With the rise of digital media, physical DVDs and CDs often become obsolete. Sort through your collection and get rid of any that you no longer watch or listen to. You should also consider digitizing your favorite audio or videos for easy access and storage.

Excessive Wall Art

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While artwork can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your living room, having too many pieces can overwhelm the space. Select a few meaningful or impactful artworks and rotate them periodically to keep your living room decor fresh.

Decorative Vases

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There’s a good chance you have at least one flower vase lying around in your living room. Look at your collection of vases and remove any that are broken or no longer used. If you are a DIY enthusiast, you could consider repurposing the vases or donating them to a local thrift store or community center.

Broken Clocks

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If you have decorative wall clocks that are outdated or no longer working, it’s time to remove them. Choose a functional clock that aligns with your decor style, or consider alternative timekeeping methods, such as smart devices.

Wall Calendars

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If you have wall calendars from previous years, remove them from your living room. Replace them with current calendars or opt for digital alternatives.

Used Up Diffusers 

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When decluttering your living room, one item you should consider getting rid of is those used-up diffusers. While they may have served their purpose in making your space smell nice, once they’re empty, they occupy valuable space.

Fake Plants

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While fake plants can add a touch of green to your living room, they also tend to accumulate dust and take up space.

Excessive Throw Pillows

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While throw pillows can add a cozy touch to your living room, having too many can lead to unnecessary clutter. Keep only the ones you regularly use and donate or store the rest. This will free up space on your couch and make it easier to clean and maintain.

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