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Spring is here, so it’s time for the warmer weather and fun crafts to come out. For spring, tulip crafts for kids are a great way to bring in the season.

Tulip crafts are fun because they are easy to assemble and made with those pretty spring colors. You also don’t need many supplies for them. In fact, if you have done some crafts with the kids, you probably have the supplies stashed away already. 

From painting tulips with Q-tips to cutting and designing their own colorful tulips, these crafts for kids will be a fun spring art project.

1. Paper Tulips

Tilly's mum order tulip flower
Image Credit: Miss Tilly and Me

These paper tulips are a quick and easy craft for kids to make. You only need a few supplies to create these colorful paper tulips.

Get This Recipe: Paper Tulips

2. Field of Tulips Q-Tip Painting

This field of tulips q-tip painting is such a fun art project for kids to create!
Image Credit: Projects With Kids

Let the kids get really creative with just some paint and Q-Tips. They will enjoy creating their own field of tulips with this art project.

Get This Recipe: Field of Tulips Q-Tip Painting

3. Tulip Suncatcher Craft

how to make colorful coffee filter suncatchers for spring
Image Credit: There’s Just One Mommy

Suncatchers are always a fun craft for kids. With this craft, they’ll be making a tulip-shaped suncatcher that they can hang on the window when finished.

Get This Recipe: Tulip Suncatcher Craft

4. Tulip Centerpiece

how to make a tulip centerpiece for spring
Image Credit: Simply Designing

Let the kids help you make an adorable tulip centerpiece. Silk tulips are used, and kids will love showing off their creative work with friends and family.

Get This Recipe: Tulip Centerpiece

5. Tulip Garden

Three tulips made from colored paper
Image Credit: The Moments At Home

Fun and cute, this tulip garden is a fun craft for kids to make for spring or summer. Craft paper, card stock, and a few other supplies are all you need.

Get This Recipe: Tulip Garden

6. Fork Painted Tulip Craft

Fork painted tulip craft for kids
Image Credit: Little Ladoo

Fork painting is a great way to get kids involved with crafting and it helps create less of a mess which is always good. Let the kids use the forks to create their own tulips.

Get This Recipe: Fork Painted Tulip Craft

7. Chalk Pastel Tulip Art

Chalk pastel tulip art project for kids to make
Image Credit: Projects With Kids

For older kids, this chalk art project will be the perfect art activity. They can use pastel chalk to create the entire design and colorful tulips.

Get This Recipe: Chalk Pastel Tulip Art

8. Construction Paper Tulips

These fun construction paper tulips are the perfect craft for some spring creativity.
Image Credit: Twitchetts

You only need a few basic supplies to create this tulip craft so it’s easy for young children to make. Kids can create different colored tulips and put them together to make a creative card or piece of art.

Get This Recipe: Construction Paper Tulips

9. Kusama’s Tulips

Kusama tulips
Image Credit: Little Bins For Little Hands

This is another fun and colorful art project. It’s inspired by the famous artist Yayoi Kusama. It’s a little different that your typical tulip crafts for kids but it’s fun and creative.

Get This Recipe: Kusama’s Tulips

10. Egg Carton Tulip Craft

Egg carton tulip craft
Image Credit: The OT Toolbox

Turn an egg carton into a fun tulip garden with this craft. Kids can create their own uniquely colored tulips by painting them for the project.

Get This Recipe: Egg Carton Tulip Craft

11. Origami Tulip Cards

Easy origami greeting cards
Image Credit: Fluxing Well

These cute origami tulip cards are easy to make. Kids can create the cards for a special occasion or pass them out to friends, family, or neighbors just for fun.

Get This Recipe: Origami Tulip Cards

12. Cardboard Tulips

Kids DIY Craft Cardboard Flowers
Image Credit: Reuse Grow Enjoy

This easy DIY tulip craft for kids is a fun spring or summer project. The tulips are made from cardboard pieces and then wrapped with yarn and attached to popsicle sticks.

Get This Recipe: Cardboard Tulips

13. Cardboard Tube Polka Dot Tulips

Cardboard Tube Polka Dot Tulips
Image Credit: Crafts By Amanda

Creative and fun, this tulip craft is made with cardboard tubes. This will be a great spring project that you can turn into a decoration for the house.

Get This Recipe: Cardboard Tube Polka Dot Tulips

14. Tulip Felt Bookmarks

Blue and red hardcover books without dust jackets stacked on top of one another. Multi-petal felt flower bookmark sticking out of bottom book and red felt tulip bookmark sticking out of the top book.
Image Credit: Darcy and Brian

Help the kids create their own spring tulip bookmarks with this felt craft. After the crafts are finished, they can use the bookmarks to keep track of their place in the books they are reading.

Get This Recipe: Tulip Felt Bookmarks

15. Clothespin Tulips

Clothespin Flower Craft
Image Credit: The Best Ideas For Kids

Get creative with clothespins and create these cute and colorful clothespin tulips. You only need a few supplies, and the kids will love getting creative with the colors.

Get This Recipe: Clothespin Tulips

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