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If you are a thrifter or just someone who enjoys getting sweet deals, and you are not yet familiar with a “bin store”, much less an Amazon bin store, then you are in for a treat.

From ridiculously low prices to large bins stocked full of products, Amazon bin stores offer shoppers the opportunity to find some of the best deals around. We are talking 60-90% off the original price you would otherwise find on Amazon.

Amazon bin stores are a fast-growing retail trend but learning how it works is the first step to finding what you want and making the trip worthwhile.

That said, we are going to cover all you need to know about Amazon bin stores and tips on how you can find the best deals. 

amazon bin store

What is an Amazon Bin Store? 

Amazon bin stores are retail stores that offer bargain hunters and resellers the opportunity to purchase surplus, discontinued items, and returned inventory from Amazon.

These stores offer a wide selection of products, ranging from home improvement items, and stationaries to coffee machines and home decor, all at significantly discounted prices.

Typically, these products are sorted into bins (in case you were wondering where the name came from) by category, allowing shoppers to quickly search and find treasures among the items. 

amazon bin store

How Do Amazon Bin Stores Work?

These stores follow a similar operating model as a liquidation store. They receive large shipments of returned or excess merchandise from major retailers like Amazon. Once a week, they introduce new products, pricing everything at the same initial price. 

As each day passes, the price gradually decreases. Their goal is to sell all the items in the bins within the week before starting the process over again.

Let me illustrate with an example:

Hotbins, a chain of bin stores in Florida sells Amazon returns. They offer all items for $12 on Fridays. The price was reduced to $10 on Saturdays, $8 on Sundays, and so on. On Thursdays, all the stores temporarily close to restock them with a fresh shipment of returned goods.

Amazing Offers in Georgia sells all Amazon liquidated items. They get fresh shipments on Saturdays and load up the store. They start their pricing on Saturdays at $7.99 and by Thursdays, prices are reduced to $2.50.

amazon bin store

Why Should You Check Out An Amazon Bin Store?

There are several reasons to visit an Amazon bin store. Here are a few key ones:

  • Incredible deals: Amazon bin stores offer Amazon products at a fraction of their original retail prices. These items are often overstocked, returned, or clearance items that stores are eager to sell.
  • The experience: Shopping at an Amazon bin store brings excitement as you never know what you might find.
  • Wide range of merchandise: Amazon bin stores boast a diverse selection of merchandise, including electronics, home decor, clothing, toys, and more. With such variety, there’s something for everyone, catering to different interests.
  • Affordable prices: Amazon bin stores are excellent for finding budget-friendly household goods, clothing, and electronics. Many items are priced significantly lower than their regular retail counterparts, allowing you to save a considerable amount of money.
amazon bin store

How To Find the Best Deals at Amazon Bin Stores

If you’re planning to visit an Amazon bin store, here are some tips to increase your chances of finding a great deal:

  1. Go early. It’s best to get there before others because the best deals tend to be snatched up quickly!
  2. Be ready to search. While the merchandise is usually organized into bins by category, you may need to dig through them to find exactly what you’re looking for. Keep in mind that other shoppers may be doing the same, adding a touch of excitement to the experience.
  3. Exercise patience. Prices at bin stores often decrease throughout the week. If you’re not in a rush, you can wait a few days to see if the price drops even further. However, remember that the item might not be available when you return.
  4. Enjoy yourself! Shopping at a bin store is an adventure that can lead you to hidden treasures and save you money. Embrace the experience and have fun!
  5. Understand the return policies. Bin stores often have different return policies compared to regular retailers. Some items may be marked as “final sale” or have a limited timeframe for returns.
  6. Have cash on hand. Some stores only accept cash or have a cash-only policy for specific items.
  7. Consider negotiating. Bin stores are occasionally open to negotiating the price of an item, particularly if it has been in the bin for a while. Don’t hesitate to ask for a discount or make a counteroffer.

Where Can I Find A Bin Store?

Amazon bin stores have become increasingly popular across the country, with stores popping up in major cities and even some smaller towns.

To locate an Amazon bin store near you, a quick online search or inquiries at local retailers can provide you with the necessary information. Just google “Amazon bin stores near me” or “bin stores near me” and see what comes up.

Is it Worth Shopping at an Amazon Bin Store?

Deciding whether shopping at an Amazon bin store is worth it depends on your personal preferences and priorities. Aside from the variety of products available for purchase, buying at an Amazon bin store offers you access to discounted deals that you may not find anywhere.

However, these discounted deals come with a catch: you may have to deal with products with minor flaws or signs of use. If you’re okay with these possible flaws and enjoy the excitement of unexpected finds, shopping at an Amazon bin store can be great. 

So, if you’re all about thrift shopping or looking to find cheap items to resell on social media platforms or personal shopping sites, shopping at an Amazon bin store is truly worth your time and money. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of products can I find at bin stores?

Amazon bin stores have various items, such as clothes, electronics, household goods, toys, and more. The specific inventory can vary depending on the store and the items they receive through returns. 

Are the products in bin stores new or used?

The products in Amazon bin stores can be new, gently used, or slightly imperfect. Some may have minor defects or cosmetic damage, but many are in good condition. It’s important to inspect items carefully before buying.

Can I return items bought from a bin store?

Return policies differ among Amazon bin stores. Some allow returns within a specific time frame, while others have a “final sale” policy. It’s essential to ask about the return policy before making a purchase.

How Can a Bin Store Benefit Your Side Hustle?

Bin stores, like Amazon bin stores, can support your side hustle by providing affordable inventory that you can resell online or through your business. With low-cost products, you have an excellent opportunity to source items and boost your side hustle.

How Do I Begin an Amazon Bin Store?

To start an Amazon bin store, you need to join the Amazon Liquidations program. This program lets you buy liquidation inventory from Amazon and turn those items into profitable sales in your physical store or online shop.

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