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If you’re anything like me, you probably have a soft spot for Target. I mean, where else can you get everything from home decor to groceries in one place, right? And let’s be real: I’m that person who goes in for 1-2 items and somehow ends up with a full cart.

Now, here’s the inside scoop for my fellow Target lovers: have you noticed it’s getting a bit tricky to find super-discounted items in-store these days? Well, there’s a good reason behind that. Target tends to remove those items and send them to their salvage stores. Technically, those stores aren’t actually called “Target salvage stores”. Those salvage stores may come in the form of a thrift store, liquidation store, and other local discounted retailers. 

So, what’s the deal with these salvage stores, you ask?  Well, Target salvage stores are fantastic places to discover deals on clothing, home goods, electronics, and more. Sometimes, up to 90% off the regular retail price. The selection of items may differ from store to store, but you’ll likely find a great bargain on something you’re looking for.

If you want to save money on Target products, a salvage store is an excellent choice. These stores provide significant discounts on a wide range of items, ensuring you can find something you need at an affordable price. 

That said, we will cover all you need to know about Target salvage stores and tips on finding the best deals.

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What is a Target Salvage Store? 

Target salvage stores, also called Target clearance or Target liquidation stores, are retail shops where Target sells excess, discontinued, or returned items at lower prices. These stores receive products salvaged from regular Target stores for reasons like having too much stock, minor damage, or packaging problems. 

At Target salvage stores, you can find various items, including clothing, electronics, home goods, furniture, toys, and more. On top of that, target salvage stores often offer substantial discounts, sometimes up to 90% or more off the original price, making it a popular choice if you are searching for bargain deals on Target merchandise.

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What Types Of Items Will I Find at Salvage Stores?

While you won’t find the latest electronic gadgets there, you are sure to discover a variety of items at your local Target salvage store, including;

  • Furniture
  • Bedding
  • Home décor
  • Toys
  • Seasonal décor
  • Kitchen items

How To Find A Target Salvage Store

Finding Target salvage stores can be tricky since they don’t have a standard name. However, there are some creative ways to locate them. 

You can search Google using keywords like “Target wholesale,” “Target pallet,” “Target pallets for sale,” “Target surplus,” “Target bin store near me,” “Target salvage store near me,” “Target overstock,” “Target clearance store,” or “Target warehouse near me.” 

Another option is to ask a sales associate at your local Target store if they know nearby salvage stores. You can also check if there are any of the following salvage store chains in your area: 

When Is the Best Time of Day To Shop?

To score big on heavily discounted Target products, visit your local Target salvage store right after Target has a clearance sale. After the clearance sale ends, Target usually sells off the remaining inventory at the salvage store to create space for new products.

Clearance sales may differ in each location, but if you spot discounts of 60% or more at your nearby Target store, it’s a good idea to check out your favorite salvage store. Additionally, the salvage store may have special daily sales and deals, offering you more opportunities for savings.

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How Much Money Can You Expect to Save?

The short answer is a whole lot! 

In a Target salvage store, you can save a significant amount, up to 90%, on items compared to their original prices. Some salvage stores also offer additional savings on specific days. 

For instance, at Blue Streak Liquidations in Richmond, Virginia, you can find new items priced at $8 on Fridays and Saturdays and $7 on Sundays. Additionally, from 9 am to 12 pm on Fridays to Sundays, you may find select items available for as low as $10. 

sales in target store

How do you score good deals at Target Salvage Stores?

If you’ve decided to visit Target salvage stores near you for your next thrifty hunt, here are some tips on how to score good deals

  • Timing matters: Go to the salvage store after Target’s clearance sale. That’s when they sell off remaining items at deeper discounts to make space for new stock.
  • Be prepared: Make a list of the items you want before visiting the salvage store. This helps you stay focused and avoid feeling overwhelmed by the various products available.
  • Take your time: Target salvage stores can be crowded with merchandise, so slowly explore each aisle and section. Be thorough in your search—you never know what hidden treasures you might uncover.
  • Check items carefully: Since salvage items can have minor damages or packaging issues, inspect each item you want to buy. Look for defects, missing parts, or signs of wear. This way, you can decide about the item’s condition.
  • Ask for help: Don’t hesitate to ask store employees for assistance or if you need help locating a specific item. They can offer guidance and point you in the right direction.
  • Compare prices: Even though Target salvage stores offer discounted prices, comparing them to other retailers or online platforms is a good idea. This ensures you get the best deal possible.
  • Understand return policies: Salvage stores may have different return policies than regular retail stores. Before making a purchase, familiarize yourself with the store’s return policy, especially if you’re concerned about an item’s condition.
  • Bring cash and reusable bags: Some Target salvage stores may offer additional discounts for cash payments, so it’s handy to have cash with you. And don’t forget to bring reusable bags to make your purchases easier.

Are Target Salvage Stores Worth It?

Whether or not Target salvage stores are worth it depends on what you like and what you expect. If you are a target fan, these stores can offer lower prices on various items, but the products may have minor damage or packaging problems. 

If you like finding good deals and don’t mind checking things closely, you might find great bargains and unique items. However, if you prefer new and perfect products, Target salvage stores may not be the right choice.

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