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Cleaning is a huge part of our daily lives – and dealing with tough stains, scuffs, and marks can make it a bit of a  challenge.

Thanks to the power of the Magic Eraser, this has all become much easier. This cleaning tool, specifically crafted for tackling tricky cleaning tasks, has proven its versatility in addressing many cleaning challenges.

Here are 12 ways you can clean with a Magic Eraser.

Eliminate Marks on Walls

Gloved hand, cleaning crayon off wall with magic eraser
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Walls often get scratched, smudged, and marked up, especially if you have kids who might leave the occasional crayon marks. A Magic Eraser can be a handy tool to spot-clean your walls, eliminating the need for a full repaint.

Remove Stains On Clothes

laundry basket with dirty clothes
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With a Magic Eraser, you can easily get rid of stains like mustard or ketchup from clothes. It can even work on a grease stain. Just dampen the Magic Eraser and gently blot the stain.

Clean White Sneakers

white shoes
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 While machine-washing sneakers might seem convenient, it can potentially harm your sneakers. Instead, you can use Magic Eraser to clean the white sneakers. It can practically clean scuff marks, dirt and grass stains.

Eliminate Rust Stains

Dirty sink drain mesh, hole with limescale or lime scale and rust on it close up, dirty rusty bathroom washbowl.
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For efficient rust removal from any surface, simply take a damp Magic Eraser and gently rub away the rust stains. Repeat the rubbing process as needed until all the stains are gone.

Polish the Oven’s Glass Door

Modern kitchen interior with new oven
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Oven glass doors are great for peeking in on your cake and baked chicken, but it can often get covered in grease. The good news is that a quick scrub with a Magic Eraser is an effective way to clear it up.

Clear Stubborn Sticker Residue

magic eraser in hand
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If you’ve recently bought something from the store, you might be dealing with that annoying sticky residue from price tags. Using a damp Magic Eraser can help you easily get rid of it.

Clean And Shine Your Jewelry

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Simply reach for a damp Magic Eraser to rejuvenate your gold and silver jewelry. Gently scrub your pieces and stop when you achieve your desired shine. However, make sure to be careful to avoid scratching the surface. 

Get Rid of Coffee Stains

Spilled coffee on the carpet
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Coffee stains are no match for the magic eraser. Whether a stain on the carpet, a mug, or on your shirt, the magic eraser can get rid of those stains. 

Clean the Microwave

single white microwave oven at retail store shelf, defocused background
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No matter how messy your microwave gets, a magic eraser can help. Just wet the magic eraser and use it to wipe down the microwave. 

How to Clean a Microwave (4 Easy Methods)

Degrease Your Kitchen Cabinets

kitchen cabinet hardware
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You can easily remove the cooking residue from your greasy cabinets using a magic eraser.

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Effortless Bathroom Cleaning

shower and tub in bathroom
Image Credit: BM_27 / Shutterstock

When it comes to tackling soap scum and hard water stains in your bathroom, Magic Eraser Bath is your go-to solution. From your bathroom fixtures to the shower door, simply dampen the Magic Eraser, give it a squeeze, and rub. 

Toilet Stains

toilet paper
Image Credit: Deposit Photos

Toilet stains can be hard to remove, but the magic eraser can make those tough stains disappear.

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