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Selling a house can be a nerve-racking experience. Buyers can be quite particular. They may either love your property without reservations or be put off by certain aspects. It doesn’t take much for something to deter a buyer from making an offer.

In fact, sometimes, it is the smallest detail. While it may be impossible to make your home perfect, here are 14 things home buyers secretly hate about it.

Popcorn Ceilings

Popcorn Ceiling
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Popcorn ceilings were a common choice in older homes to conceal ceiling plaster or drywall flaws. However, they can be a headache to paint and tend to accumulate dust in their textured surface. Consider removing the popcorn ceiling if possible to make your home more appealing to buyers. Before you do, test for asbestos to ensure safe removal.


flowery wallpaper interior white furniture
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The popularity of wallpaper has its ups and downs, with changing design trends. While wallpaper is back in style today, the styles have evolved. Buyers may often prefer to remove the wallpaper in your home, even if it’s to add their own choice. Taking down the wallpaper yourself can help avoid potential buyer concerns.

Unpleasant Smells

bad smell in the house
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If you have pets or smoke, you may have become accustomed to the scents they leave behind.  While you might be used to the odors in your home, potential buyers will notice them as soon as they enter. To freshen up your home, try opening the windows for fresh air, avoid cooking strong-smelling foods, wash your pets, and smoke outside. Consider investing in a thorough cleaning, painting, or removing carpets and draperies before putting your home on the market.

Wall-to-Wall Carpeting

Bright empty room with fireplace and carpet floor. Glass slide door to backyard
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Wall-to-wall carpeting used to be a celebrated feature of homes, but it has now become a drawback for most homebuyers. Carpets tend to trap stains and odors, and despite diligent cleaning, buyers often expect them to be less than fresh. If you have original hardwood floors hidden beneath the carpet, consider removing it and, if feasible, refinish the hardwood.


cluttered wardrobe
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You want buyers to picture themselves in your home, not be distracted by clutter and mess when they enter. Ensure your home is clean, organized, and orderly before the buyers arrive.  Consider donating, selling, recycling, or discarding items you no longer want or need.

Outdated Kitchens and Baths

light blue kitchen island
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Kitchens and bathrooms are key selling points for homes – but they’re also some of the costliest areas to renovate. Many homebuyers are hesitant to take on the expense of major renovation projects, particularly when faced with outdated kitchens and bathrooms.

Converted Rooms

bedroom in newly converted house clean design modern with desk and guitar
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Buyers may struggle to see the potential in homes with converted rooms. If you’ve, for instance, converted your garage into a man cave or transformed the formal dining room into an office, consider returning the space to its original use. Leaving it as is can make it hard for buyers to visualize the possibilities.

Pets in the House

dog on couch
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Not everyone shares your love for pets. Some buyers could get scared, allergic, or find furry companions distracting, even if your pet is well-behaved. To create a more accommodating atmosphere, consider confining your pet to a specific area of the house or temporarily relocating it when you have potential buyers. Also, it’s important to address any pet-related damage and take steps to remove pet odors from your home.

Owner Being Present

Rear View Of Family Leaving Home On Trip Out With Excited Children
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If you are present during a showing, buyers may not appreciate it. Buyers and their agents prefer to converse openly without concern for the homeowners’ presence. If you stick around, there’s a good chance they won’t feel as comfortable or stay as long.

Lack of Light

Dark classic interior with sofa and blank picture frame on wall.
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You want home buyers to walk into a well-lit home because it feels cozier and welcoming. A dark house can be off-putting.

Overgrown Lawn

blue house on lawn
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An overgrown lawn doesn’t do any favors for your home’s curb appeal. Keep your lawn in check.

A Home that Looks Run Down

run down boarded up house
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Peeling and chipped paint, scattered trash in your yard, or a collection of clutter, including old cars, can significantly reduce your home’s curb appeal. Cleaning up the exterior is essential, as neglecting it may discourage potential buyers from considering a look inside.

Your Personal Items

picture frame, vase on blue wall
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You don’t want to distract, offend, or overwhelm potential buyers. The goal is for them to focus on the house itself, not personal belongings. So, it’s a good idea to pack up collections, personal memorabilia, and family photographs, creating a neutral canvas for buyers to envision their own lives in the space

Bugs and Critters

Male Worker Spraying Pesticide On Cabinet pest control
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If you know bugs and other critters in your home, chances are potential buyers will also notice them. To make your home more appealing to buyers, it’s a good idea to have a pest control company address this issue and ensure your home is free from unwelcome guests. The presence of bugs and critters can be off-putting to prospective buyers.

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