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The idea of donating an old bra seems unusual – and you may feel uneasy about donating such personal garments for someone else to wear.

However, you’d be surprised at the many organizations that are more than willing to accept your old bra. Instead of trashing your old bras, here’s a list of places that will accept them to repurpose and recycle.

1. I Support The Girls (ISTG)

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I Support the Girls (ISTG) is an organization that gathers new and gently-used bras for distribution to women and girls experiencing homelessness, poverty, or hardships. Their goal is to restore dignity to women across the nation.

They collaborate with local partner organizations to help drive their mission. You can donate your bras and other items at ISTG’s designated drop-off points.

2. Homeless Shelters

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Homeless shelters frequently require donations, including underwear. Your donation is a great way to support individuals experiencing homelessness.

3. The Bra Recyclers

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The Bra Recyclers, as the name implies, are experts in recycling bras and underwear. This clothing recycling social enterprise focuses on reusing pre-loved bras and new underwear. Their efforts have led to millions of bras being donated to nonprofit organizations across the globe.

4. Be A Dear And Donate A Brassiere

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Be a Dear and Donate a Brassiere is a charity group that offers bras and underwear to women who require assistance, and they welcome donations of all sizes, styles, and colors.

5. Free The Girls

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Free The Girls is an organization that assists women rescued from trafficking, helping them reintegrate into their communities. They are committed to the long-term support of survivors of trafficking.

They work with partners to empower girls and women by helping them earn a safe income. You can join us by donating your bras.

6. Harper Wild

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Harper Wilde’s Recycle, Bra program accepts old bras and underwear, regardless of size or color, and processes them for recycling. These items are broken down, and the materials are upcycled into new fibers.

These recycled fibers find new life in various applications, from clothing and rugs to cleaning textiles and even building insulation.

7. Subset

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Subset, a brand specializing in organic underwear, will take your old bra, regardless of condition, and repurpose it as secondary textiles for insulation, mattress batting, or cleaning rags.

8. Donate Your Bras for Cause

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Bras for the Cause is a nonprofit charity dedicated to improving the lives of breast cancer survivors, one bra at a time. They welcome new, nearly new, and gently loved bras. Since its start, Donate Your Bra For A Cause has shipped thousands of bras to women in need.

With the help of sponsors and donors, they’ve provided essential post-mastectomy bras, wigs, and prostheses to women of all sizes.

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