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We commonly use mouthwash for oral care, but it has more uses than you might think. It’s a versatile household item that can do more than get rid of plaque and keep your teeth clean. 

Here are some creative – and clever ways to use mouthwash beyond maintaining your beautiful smile and getting rid of bad breath.

Clean Household Surfaces

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When you’re in a bind and run out of your regular household cleaner, mouthwash can serve as a reliable substitute. Simply dampen a soft cloth with some mouthwash and use it to clean countertops and glass surfaces.

Protect Your Plant

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Mouthwash can be an effective way to deter mildew and troublesome fungus gnats that may otherwise harm your plants. To safeguard your plants’ health, simply create a spray of equal parts mouthwash and water.

Foot Fungal Infection

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Mouthwash can come in handy for treating mild cases of athlete’s foot or foot fungus. Simply soak a cotton ball in the mouthwash and apply it to the affected area.

Make Flowers Last Longer

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Extend the freshness and longevity of your flowers by adding a small amount of mouthwash to the vase. This helps control bacteria and slow down the decomposition process, ultimately ensuring your flowers stay vibrant for longer.

Improve Humidifier’s Performance

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Moist humidifiers can become breeding grounds for mold, mildew, and bacteria, especially if not cleaned regularly, or the water becomes stagnant. To maintain a fresher environment, including the quality of the air you breathe, consider adding a few spoonfuls of mouthwash to the water.

Freshen Up the Garbage Disposal

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When your garbage disposal develops unpleasant odors, you can eliminate them by pouring a small amount of mouthwash down the drain and running the disposal with hot water.

Freshen up the Garbage Can

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Similar to freshening up garbage disposal, mouthwash can also be a handy solution for a smelly garbage can. Simply soak a paper towel in some Listerine and place it at the bottom of the bin to eliminate any unpleasant odors that may be lingering.

Do Your Laundry

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To tackle foul-smelling clothes, try adding a capful of clear mouthwash to your laundry load; it can effectively prevent odors. Additionally, if your washing machine develops a musty smell, consider adding some mouthwash to your next load.

Clean Tile Floors

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Mouthwash isn’t limited to teeth whitening; it can also be a handy tile cleaner. That’s right! Simply mix mouthwash with water and use it to scrub. The alcohol content in mouthwash not only leaves your surfaces shinier but also provides disinfection as you clean.

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Disinfect a Wound

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It’s worth noting that before its popular use as a mouthwash, it was effectively employed as an antiseptic to prevent surgical infections. Therefore, when tending to a minor cut or wound, consider using an alcohol-based mouthwash for skin disinfection.

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