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Imagine yourself comfortably settled into a chair, a soft blanket draped over your lap, and a compelling book in hand. You’re completely at ease, free from the stresses of the day, and immersed in another world with no interruptions. This is the essence of a cozy reading nook. It is all about creating a space that brings you calm and joy.  

Everyone deserves a reading nook in their home that truly resonates with them, even if space is limited. 

Here’s how you can curate the perfect cozy reading nook in your home with a few simple tips. 

cozy reading nook area

Tips on Creating a Cozy Reading Nook

1. Pick a Suitable Location

You can create a reading nook anywhere in your home; there are no restrictions on space! It could be a cozy corner in your living room, a quiet space in your bedroom, an empty corner in your office, or even a small closet that’s not being used.

The key is to find a spot that feels tucked away, providing a sense of mental and spiritual escape. In our case, we found a small, overlooked space in the living room that was perfect for a reading nook. 

2. Focus on the Vibe

cozy reading area with yellow chair

To create the perfect cozy reading nook, focus on the vibe and the overall look of the space. Think about the type of atmosphere you most associate with relaxation and the elements and colors that evoke a sense of calm and comfort. 

3. Find the Perfect Chair

yellow chair

Once you’ve figured out the atmosphere and chosen the spot for your reading nook, it’s time to consider the seating. Comfort should be your top priority. Your goal is to ensure that the seating is cozy enough for you to sit for an extended period of time.

Here’s a list of the best reading chairs for your reading nook. 

4. Choose the Right Light

While natural light is great, it’s important that you include a lamp for reading – especially for those late hours. Look for table lamps, floor lamps, or even scones that provide warm, cozy light while giving you sufficient brightness to read your book. 

5. A Resting Place for Things

Consider the items you’d like to have in your nook: a book or magazine, a small plant, snacks, and a cup of hot tea. You’ll want a resting space in your reading nook to place all these things. This resting space could be a small table, shelf, or even something as creative as a bar cart or stool. This space will be handy for setting down your essentials.

6. Make Space for Books

Consider how you’d like to store your books. You can use a bookshelf, install open shelves on the wall to showcase them, or simply stack them on a side table.

Simple Tips for Styling a Bookshelf

7. Wall Art

mirror over accent chair

Hang something you love, whether wall art or a beautiful mirror. This will help to bring out the beauty in the space.

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8. Small Touches

  • Incorporate a throw pillow to set the vibe and provide some essential back support.
  • Add a plush blanket to complete the space and add that extra touch of coziness. Simply drape the blanket over your chair. It’s the perfect way to get cozy, particularly when the temperatures drop.
  • Light a candle to help set the mood and ambiance.

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