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Keeping warm without cranking up the heat during the colder months can be challenging, especially as energy prices rise. Thankfully, there are ways to stay warm without causing your utility bill to skyrocket. Here are 18 ways to stay warm this winter without turning up the heat.

Close the Chimney Flue

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Remember to close the chimney flue when your fireplace is not in use. Leaving it open can let cold air into your home through the chimney.

Remove AC Window Units

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Consider moving your window air-conditioning unit to storage during the colder months or add an insulated cover to block out drafts. Keeping your unit in place can lead to cold air seeping into your home through its vents.

Close the Doors to Unused Rooms

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Heating multiple rooms can significantly increase your energy bill, so consider focusing on one room at a time to save money. Shut the doors to unused or rarely used rooms to keep the heat where you need it.

Close the Air Vents In Unused Rooms

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No need to heat up that aren’t being used. Turn off the air vents to help channel all the warm air into the rooms you use.

Spend Time Upstairs

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Heat naturally rises, often accumulating at the top of your house. If your home has multiple levels, consider spending more time on the upper floors to make the most of the warmer air.

Snuggle Under A Blanket

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Wrapping up in a blanket adds an extra layer to keep you warm. Consider adding blankets in areas where you spend the most time.

Wrap Yourself in Layers

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Just as you add extra layers like a sweater or jacket when you head out in cold weather, you can do the same inside your home. Layering helps insulate your body and makes it simpler to manage your comfort. You can easily add or remove layers as required to stay warm.

Take Advantage of the Heat From the Stove 

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Your kitchen appliances, like the stove and oven, can generate extra heat. Cooking more frequently on the stove and oven can help warm up your home. Leave the oven door open for a while to allow the warm air to circulate and add some extra heat to the room.

Seal Cracks and Gaps

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Try to seal open holes, cracks, or gaps that might be in your home. These gaps and openings are often present around windows

Install Door Sweeps

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Install door sweeps at the base of your doors to help block any cold drafts.

Wear Socks or Slippers Around The House

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Keeping your feet warm can help you feel more comfortable around the house. Consider having slippers or indoor shoes, especially if your floors are non-carpeted.

Use Area Rugs and Mats

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Place rugs and mats on the floors, particularly in areas where you sit and next to your bed. They not only provide a warmer surface for your feet but also act as insulation, helping to keep the floors and your feet cozier.

Bowl of Soup

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Warm up from the inside out by enjoying hot meals like a comforting bowl of soup on chilly days.

Drink Hot Beverages

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Hot beverages can give your internal heater a boost, helping to raise your body temperature. Drink warm beverages like coffee, tea, or hot cocoa.

Get Active

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Physical activity generates body heat, and there are numerous ways to increase your body temperature by staying active. You can, for example, engage in exercise, do some housecleaning, or take on a home repair task.

Keep Curtains Open in the Daytime: Close at Night

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Let the sunlight in to warm up your home during the day. Close them once the sun goes down to keep the cold air out.

Use Winter Ready Window Treatments

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Even the most well-sealed windows can feel chilly during the winter months. To help you stay warm and keep the cold air out, replace lightweight summer curtains with thermal lined curtains, insulated blinds, or drapes for added insulation. These window treatments can help to reduce the cold draft from coming into your home.

Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat

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Swapping your old thermostat for a smart programmable thermostat is practical. It lets you customize and control your heating and cooling schedule to regulate the temperatures in your home more efficiently. Such customization can help you avoid any unnecessary or excess use.

Smart thermostats can learn your heating and cooling habits over time, automatically adjusting the temperature to your preferred settings, even when you’re away.

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  1. Great tips for staying warm. Thanks for sharing! An additional suggestion is to use draft stoppers or homemade draft blockers for doors and windows. These can be particularly effective in preventing cold air from entering and warm air from escaping, further enhancing the warmth of your home without increasing heating costs.

  2. I love the idea of using rugs to improve floor insulation. For better results, consider using foam mats that are commonly used in gyms. Although they are not as aesthetically appealing as conventional rugs, they are better at reducing air leaks. Also, they are pretty budget-friendly.

  3. I really like this article. Thanks for sharing these tips!
    One more tip I want to add, something that many people might not be aware of, is the use of dehumidifiers in winter. Dehumidifiers can drastically improve the energy efficiency of your heating system by removing excess moisture from the air. This makes the air feel warmer, allowing for lower thermostat settings and resulting in reduced energy consumption for heating your home.

  4. Thanks for sharing such valuable tips! As for insulation, also remember to insulate your water heater and pipes, which is especially crucial for areas with cold winters. Insulation reduces the rate at which the water in the tank loses heat to the surrounding environment. On average, insulating a water heater can save anywhere from 4% to 9% on water heating costs.

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