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As a homeowner, having a well-stocked toolbox for handling basic repairs and maintenance tasks around the house is important. The right tools can save you time and money. Rather than calling a local handyman for minor issues like unclogging a toilet or fixing a kitchen handle, here are 14 essential tools you should have in your home toolbox to tackle any project.


Plumber using plunger to unclog sink drain in kitchen, closeup
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Make sure you have a trusty plunger on hand to tackle those occasional plumbing clogs that can quickly turn into a messy situation. It’s even better to have two—one specifically for the bathroom and kitchen sinks and another dedicated solely to the toilet.


assortment of tools
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A hammer can handle various tasks, such as hanging artwork, pulling out nails, and even prying off wooden moldings or replacing rotted wood. It is a reliable choice for numerous household projects.


A picture of Victorinox Super Tinker multitool on the crack stone wall.
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Considered the “Swiss Army Knife” of the home, a multi-tool is a compact gadget that packs various functions into one convenient package. Keep this tool in your kitchen “junk drawer” to save you a trip to the garage when you need a screwdriver, a utility knife, or pliers for a quick fix.

Adjustable Wrench 

Toolbox and reparement tools
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An adjustable wrench will help you to better assemble furniture, fix plumbing issues, or tackle other projects involving nuts and bolts. For most jobs, a long-handled adjustable wrench will do the trick, but it’s also a good idea to include a short-handled pair for those tight spaces.


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Having a handsaw in your toolbox is essential when cutting through different materials. A hacksaw is a versatile tool that can cut through metal pipes, PVC pipes, bolts, and more.

On the other hand, a handsaw is specifically designed for wood, making it ideal for tasks like trimming branches or cutting lumber. If you must choose between the two, opt for a hacksaw, which can handle metal and wood cutting.

Tape Measure

Carpenter working with equipment on wooden table in carpentry shop. woman works in a carpentry shop.
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A good-quality tape measure that extends at least 25 feet will serve you well. It will allow you to measure furniture dimensions, hang curtains, or determine the right size for a new appliance.

Step Stool

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Invest in a sturdy multi-level step stool to reach high places safely and efficiently. This tool will come in handy for household maintenance chores, from changing light bulbs in overhead fixtures to cleaning the tops of your kitchen cabinets.


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A basic set of screwdrivers will cover most of your needs when it comes to tightening or loosening screws in furniture, appliances, or electronic devices. Make sure the screwdriver has comfortable handles for a firm grip and durable tips that won’t easily strip or damage the screw heads.

Duct Tape

sticky tape duct
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Duct tape is an all-purpose adhesive tape that is a must-have for temporary fixes and quick repairs. From mending a torn item to securing loose parts, duct tape’s strength and extra stickiness make it an required tool.


pocket flashlight for Everyday Carry (EDC), shallow depth of field
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A good flashlight is essential. We recommend a flashlight with two batteries, as it provides ample illumination to assess the situation and make repairs.

Nails and Screws

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You’ll need an assortment of nails and screws. A well-stocked collection of hardware ensures you have what you need for any task.

Utility Knife

set of kitchen knives knife
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A sharp utility knife is incredibly handy when opening corrugated boxes from online shipments or handling large home improvement or department store items.

Cordless Drill with bits

Man changing drill bit on a cordless drill
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A cordless drill is a must-have for homeowners. You’ll find yourself needing it to hang pictures, install curtain rods, or assemble furniture. You should consider keeping a spare battery on hand when using a cordless drill. If the drill runs out of juice in the middle of a job, you can easily snap in the replacement battery and continue without delay.

Safety Gear

safety glasses and gloves construction
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Safety should always be the top priority in home repairs or improvement projects. Make sure you have safety glasses or goggles, a package of dust masks, and a pair of heavy gloves in your toolbox to protect your hands from slivers, cuts, burns, and chemicals.


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You’ll need a place to store all your household tools. Consider investing in one that offers enough space to house tools of all shapes and sizes.

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