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Most people use Apple’s Airtags to keep track of their luggage at the airport or on things they often lose. However, there are actually a lot of clever ways you can use your AirTags.

Whether it’s tracking your stuff or making sure your loved ones are okay, here are 10 practical uses for your AirTags.

Keep Track of Your Wallet

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Misplacing your wallet or purse can be a total nightmare. It’s not just about losing cash and cards; crucial documents like your ID, driver’s license, or passport could be gone too.

But, here’s the hack: toss an AirTag in your wallet or purse, and voila—never stress about losing it again.

Camping Companion

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When you’re navigating uncharted territory while camping, throwing an AirTag into your tent might just save the day. Picture this: after a long hike, you can use Find My to trace the AirTag’s last location (aka your tent) and steer your way back to Basecamp. Keep in mind, though, that it needs to be within range of someone else’s device, so maybe don’t rely on this deep in the wilderness.

Find Your Keys

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Never lose your keys again – seriously! Whip out your phone and effortlessly track down your keys, even when you’re racing against the clock.

Anti-Theft Bike Tracker

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Let’s face it, bikes are a blast until they get taken. Tossing an AirTag on your ride means you can breathe easily, knowing you can pinpoint it in seconds. And if it has been stolen, you can easily get help from the police.

Track Your Small Kids

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If you are worried about the whereabouts of your small children or if you plan to be out in crowded spaces, you can use an AirTag to keep track of them. You can place it in their backpack or coat to help keep track of them.

Track Your Pets

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Pets are like family, but they tend to wander more than kids. Stick an AirTag on a special collar, and you can keep tabs on them in the house or yard at all times.

Find Your Parked Car 

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We’ve all been in that frustrating spot—standing in a parking lot, clueless about where you left your car. It’s annoying at best and downright scary at worst.

Sure, it might just be a case of searching in the wrong spot, but there’s that unsettling thought that someone might have swiped it. Skip the stress by throwing an AirTag in the mix, and you can swiftly track down your car.

Location Trackers for People with Dementia

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People with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia can lose their ability to recognize familiar places, so it’s not uncommon for them to wander off and get lost and confused. Just ensure they know they have an AirTag, just like you should do with kids.

Luggage Locator

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We’ve all experienced it—airlines misplacing our luggage or the struggle of finding it at the airport. Stick an AirTag on your bag, and wave goodbye to the hassle of hunting it down every time you travel.

A Big Move

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When a moving company handles your boxes and furniture, things may get displaced. With real-time monitoring of the moving truck, you can hold them accountable and keep track of the more critical boxes.

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