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This holiday season, I’m focused on supporting Black-owned businesses. My goal is to uplift and empower Black artists and creators just like myself. I encourage you to join me in this effort.

These businesses offer a fantastic array of gifts and are led by entrepreneurs actively shaping spaces for the next generation of creators. Take a different approach this year and explore the diverse and meaningful gifts available from Black-owned businesses.

In putting together this list, I’ve selected budget-friendly items from Black-owned brands. These products include things I use regularly and others I aspire to include in my daily life.

Covering beauty, self-care, home goods, books, and entertainment, there’s a diverse range for everyone. If you’re keen on supporting small, local, and conscious businesses, you’re in the right place.

Here are my recommendations.

Gift Ideas from Black Owned Businesses

This post may contain affiliate links. Please see the full disclosure.

Other gift ideas you might like:

Black Girl Sunscreen

This sunscreen/moisturizer is a lineup in my everyday skincare routine. I am obsessed with it. And I love that it is packed with natural ingredients and is free of Oxybenzone And Octinoxate. Its incredible formula shields your skin from the sun and serves as a hydrating lotion.

Culture Tag Card Game

If your family loves a good card game, they will love this one. This game tests how well you know the black American culture. It’s funny, exciting – and will make the perfect gift.

Jungalow: Decorate Wild

The author offers a unique perspective on everything design enthusiasts want to explore—making bold choices with color and pattern, drawing inspiration from nature and personal experiences, authentically incorporating heritage and travel influences, breaking the rules, and exploring various paths to express creativity and authentic decorating.

Zach and Zoe Raw Honey

It’s likely one of the best-tasting honey out there. It’s raw and 100% natural, unfiltered honey.

Grace Eleyae Adjustable Satin-Lined Baseball Hat

I love a cute baseball cap, but I could never find one that fits over my big hair until now. This is perfect for the lady who loves a sporty, relaxed look and also wants to protect their hair.

Harlem Candle Company

The Harlem Candle Company offers luxury candles that capture the vibrant culture of Harlem. Celebrating influential Black figures, their collection includes candles named after icons such as Josephine Baker and Langston Hughes.

Ami Cole Mascara 

This makes a great stocking stuffer. Excellent mascara for your everyday look.

Dream Big, Little One Book

My daughters love this book, and I enjoy reading it to them. It is such an inspirational book about black women leaders who changed the world from a distinguished black author.

Mielle’s Organics Shampoo & Conditioner

This is my go-to product for my hair care routine and its perfect for those with curly hair. It will make the perfect gift.

Colorful Plant Pot

This is such a stunning plant pot. It features a vibrant mix of warm and cool hues accentuated by bold black lines. It is great for the plant lovers who appreciate saturated colors and eclectic patterns.

Concrete Coasters

These concrete coasters are just absolutely gorgeous. Every piece undergoes a meticulous process of hand-pouring, sanding, gilding, and sealing. It is completed with cork bumpers on the bottom for a polished finish.

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